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  • Dialzforzombie

    WHEW!!! What a finale, eh? My sister and I were just glued to our seats. I agree with the poll--seeing the prison was the BEST part of it, Although it was all pretty kick-ass. I felt so bad for Herschal. Scott Wilson is an amazing actor and in one facial expression conveyed the anguish that Herschal was feeling for losing the last thing he had (ok besides his daughters). It also pissed me off how everyone was having a go at Rick. But anyway, this is all something for another blog post--this one is about Dave and Tony's group.

    So, putting aside questions about whether they were with the Woodbury group (which is some great speculation, and you have to wonder) my question is: Do you think Randall led them to that area specifically because of …

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  • Dialzforzombie

    Hi, does anyone know how to delete a blog post? I meant to put a spoiler warning in the title, but forgot, but couldn't figure out how to to do it. Anyway.

    I am really liking how Daryl is progressing throughout the series, and would definitely like to see more exploration of his relationships with the group. He and Carol are awesome together, although I don't know if a romantic relationship would be right for them. For Carol, yes. She deserves a decent man after all she's been through. But Daryl is very emotionally young, and I think Carol makes a better "mother" figure for him. I also think that, even though they are a similar age, Rick would be a great "father" figure for Daryl. *SPOILER ALERT* **See down below for last comment**

        • Especiall…

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  • Dialzforzombie

    Tv Series Lori

    March 3, 2012 by Dialzforzombie

    Is it just me, or is anyone else really irritated by Lori? I mean, I've never blamed her for sleeping with Shane--she had every reason to think Rick was dead, wanted comfort etc. But now? She's self-righteous, hypocritical and manipulative. (The actress is doing a great job, it's just the character I don't like.)

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