That is the most pointless statues ever! We are supposed to think Kenny is dead Telltale wants u to think he is dead thus you put him as dead, Duane is obvouisly supposed to be thought that he died or turned, and Vernon your supposed to think that he is also dead thus he is put as dead. It really shouldnt matter if its not 100% because your supposed to thnk there gone (dead) thats the whole point so when or if Kenny returns your shocked that he survived because that is what Telltale is wanting. yah you can argue the topic but dont just make a whole new statues i can say i think a bunch of unknown people are presumed dead. This is just a lazy way to get rid of a problem.

Also Determinant statues really just makes people think they are alive or dead making Molly Determinant because she is now "pressumed dead" really dosnt help anyone understand anything.