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Help Clem Win!!!!!

DevynC2 November 29, 2012 User blog:DevynC2

‎The Walking Dead: The Game NOMINATED FOR GAME OF THE YEAR! Help VOTE #ForClementine in the Spike TV VGAs and the Machinima.com GOTY awards!

Machinima.com http://www.insidegamingawards.com/vote

For the Spike TV VGAs, cast your choices now to let the VGA Advisory Council know who YOU think should win!

BEST OVERALL GAME OF THE YEAR http://www.spike.com/events/video-game-awards-2012-nominees/voting/game-of-the-year

Studio of the Year - Telltale Games http://www.spike.com/events/video-game-awards-2012-nominees/voting/studio-of-the-year

Best Performance by a Female - Melissa Hutchison, Clementine http://www.spike.com/events/video-game-awards-2012-nominees/voting/best-performance-by-a-human-female

Best Performance by a Male - Dave Fennoy, Lee Everett http://www.spike.com/events/video-game-awards-2012-nominees/voting/best-performance-by-a-human-male

Best Adapted Video Game http://www.spike.com/events/video-game-awards-2012-nominees/voting/best-adapted-video-game

Best Downloadable Game http://www.spike.com/events/video-game-awards-2012-nominees/voting/best-downloadable-game

If you'd like to know who the council is, here is the list of writers on the board from some of your favorite gaming publications:


Make your picks and help the VGA judges know who YOU think should win in these SIX categories!


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