Hello Everyone!

How the idea formed

Theres something I have been recently thinking about a lot.. I know many of you out there have heard someone say this: "Daryl, Tyresse and Aberham can not be togather at the same time" "Thats to much power" "Rick cant have 3 right hand men" I know i have. 

Now the Idea

Now heres the crazy idea i have... Maybe they wont be? And no..... im not saying that Daryl or Ty are going to die. 

What im saying is..... (Heads up Comic Spoiler Coming)

Everyone who has read the comics knows that after The Governor attacks the Prison all the survivors go and re meet up at the Farm. Now in the TV Series its been confirmed The Governor's attack on the Prison will happen this season.. where he gets his army idk. but lets say the attack happens mid season. All the survivors end up having to leave the Prison either from The Governors forces or The Heard attacks whatever it may be, our heroes leave the Prison to venture off on the road and find another safe heaven "Alexandria Safe Zone" now heres my idea im thinking that Daryl, Tyreese and a few other survivors (For fun lets just say Michonne, Beth and Sasha) get separated from the main group they end up finding the comic counterpart of Alexandria Safe Zone while Rick and the others end up meeting up with already confirmed to appear Aberham and his group pretty much giving us two different perspectives on "living on the road" then Rick goes and gets Morgan and then goes through the whole "Hunters" thing and the two group finally re-meet at Alexandria (this part would be Season 5ish) then they have a few living in Alexandria episodes while they introduce new characters and what not and the group has to try and be normal for once in a long time, then Negan comes.


Anyways thats what i think may happen... I would love to hear everyone else's ideas on my theory.

(Side note: Please dont just ramble on about how Daryl should die or he shouldnt die, in this theory he is alive)

--DevynC2 (talk) 11:17, October 29, 2013 (UTC)