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  • DevynC2

    AMC Money Hungry.

    November 22, 2013 by DevynC2

    Wanted to post this interview form ign... Frank Darabont finally explains the true reasons for him leaving The Walking Dead.



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  • DevynC2


    November 19, 2013 by DevynC2

    Hello Everyone im here today to solve a problem here on the wiki!

    As you all know we got rid of the "presumed dead" statues... leaving some characters as unknown. I do think we should vote on if some of these characters should be listed as unknown or dead. 

    So please vote down below.

    Hopefully this can stop edit wars. So community make your vote what should these statues be?

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  • DevynC2

    Carol and the Governor

    November 4, 2013 by DevynC2

    I was thinking.... Does Carol even know what The Governor looks like? I dont think she actually ever meet him or was close enough to tell what he looked like.... So could it be possible she joins the other group and when the Governor comes she helps him not knowing hes The Governor?

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  • DevynC2

    I decided to make a little poll and see what characters from the TV SHOW are most loved! Yes i know i didn't but every character. (if you have other people not listed comment below)

    Note: This is about your favorite character! So talk about why you love them and please dont just ramble on about how much you love or hate Daryl. Lol.

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  • DevynC2

    Crazy Idea!

    October 29, 2013 by DevynC2

    Hello Everyone!

    Theres something I have been recently thinking about a lot.. I know many of you out there have heard someone say this: "Daryl, Tyresse and Aberham can not be togather at the same time" "Thats to much power" "Rick cant have 3 right hand men" I know i have. 

    Now heres the crazy idea i have... Maybe they wont be? And no..... im not saying that Daryl or Ty are going to die. 

    What im saying is..... (Heads up Comic Spoiler Coming)

    Everyone who has read the comics knows that after The Governor attacks the Prison all the survivors go and re meet up at the Farm. Now in the TV Series its been confirmed The Governor's attack on the Prison will happen this season.. where he gets his army idk. but lets say the attack happens mid season. All …

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