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    As we all know, WalkerMaimer is leaving the wiki. Sad as it is, the best we can do is give a great editor a great farewell. OR a farewell in the least.

    This  is the farewell page.

    No trolling. If you have nothing good to say--which may be near impossible--then don't say anything. Don't even click on the blue thing.

    P.S There is a reason why it is not on THIS wiki.

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    The Terminus Posters

    March 28, 2014 by Delonjnaidu

    I love the Terminus posters; I'll probably get 'em printed for my room since I love 'em so much.

    Anywho, the posters may be signalling something about the finale; people with 'Who Will Survive' posters are going to die. If Carol, Tyreese and Rick, Carl and Michonne meet up(after the possible attempted rape--in promos, not spoilers) Carol's sacrificial death to save Judith or Carl would end her run with Rick perfectly. Beth may also die as we know, though she WILL be seen alive in the finale.

    The only flaw in my prediction is that Glenn has already arrived at Terminus.

    And here's a poster of Carl, Michonne and MR HAWTY OF THE YEAR OMG SO SEXY(a.k.a Rick)



    Delonjnaidu (talk) 07:27, March 28, 2014 (UTC) 

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