Hello, wikia users. To put this blog in a nutshell, it's my opinion of what should be added/changed in a remake/TV adaptation of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. If a blog post has been made about this already I apologize in advance. Feel free to leave your thoughts if you that my opinion good or satisfactory, and for those who think my opinion is bad, have some of my apologies. Anyways, let's begin.

Being able to save both Carley and Doug

In the game, we were only able to save only one out of these two. The saved one would be given an extended role and more screentime, while the other would die and is rarely mentioned again. I would love to see Carley and Doug together in other episodes besides A New Day. How Carley reacts to Doug's dorkiness and how Doug teaches Carley about electronics would be great. For example, when the pharmacy is attacked, Doug tells Lee to save Carley instead of him, and then Glenn arrives in the nick of time and saves Doug. In Long Road Ahead, when Carley insults Lilly, Lilly aims her gun at her, and Doug pulls her away to save her and is shot instead. Carley is grateful towards Doug and promises to live for his sake. Though Doug fans won't be pleased, Carley should survive the rest of S1 and even appear in S2.


Mark is given an extended role

Wasted character with loads of potential. The only thing I didn't like about Mark was how desperately he needed a backstory. His military life, family, the group discovering him at the air base were all left unknown when he died and the group didn't even mention him once in the remainder episodes of Season One. Lilly's like, "My dad got his head smashed in!" while everyone else is like "We don't care!" WHAT ABOUT MARK? It's as if the group completely forgot about him as if he didn't exist just because he appeared in ONE episode. It would be awesome to see Mark for the rest of Season One and even Season Two. You can't resist his glasses, armhair and Good-Guy-Gregness.


"Charles" Chuck is given a bigger role

Same with Mark, had little development and loads of potential. He needed backstory about how he got lost from his family and his life as a hobo. Out of all the characters in Season One, besides Lee, Chuck was one of the best characters. Everything about his character made me have so much respect for him. Anyone else wanna acknowledge that chuck basically gave us the best piece of advice on how to live your life, and how to treat others in your life that you could possibly give? If Chuck was alive at the end of No Time Left, I would have Lee tell Clementine to go with him. Sigh, can't believe no one asked about him after his death, not even a mention? A guy like Chuck easily deserves a spot in Season Two.


400 Days Characters Play A Bigger Role in S2

Before Season 2 came out, Telltale released a DLC, 400 Days, to keep us company during the long wait for S2. The protagonists were all awesome in their own ways, and they would reappear in Season Two depending on player choices. Sadly, all of them (except Bonnie) were only given a few lines and screentime, making it obvious that they appeared just for fanserviceor to remind players that they actually existed. A great change to the original storyline would be to give them more development or even have them join the main protagonist group. Here's hoping that they reappear in S3 or the S2 DLC (if Telltale makes one, that is.) Here's an edited video so that the 400 Days protagonists get more action.

Pete's Russian Mafia05:40

Pete's Russian Mafia

Travis is used as dinner

Instead of killing off fan-favourite Mark, why not not-so-fan-favourite Travis? In Starved For Help, whether you chose to save David or not, him and Travis will always die. A change to the storyline would be to have Lee cut David free, Travis doesn't puke and get devoured, David reanimates, Travis goes to the St. John dairy farm, Travis gets shot with an arrow instead of Mark, Travis has his legs passed off as dinner, and lastly Travis reanimates and kills Brenda. Though I don't really care, Travis should be put down by Ben. He deserves at least that much.


Nick doesn't become a background character nor does he die

Admit it, Nick instantly became a fan favourite when he was introduced, but sadly, he became a background character instead of a main in Episode 8. And to top it off, Telltale became lazy and gave him no lines, less than 5 minutes of screentime, an off-screen death, and didn't even include him in the credits in Episode 9. Nick never should have been an determinant character, no did he deserve to die, in my opinion. If Nick has to die, he deserves a heroic death. Heck, I even wanted to give Luke Nick's hat as something to remember him by. A feely reminder: Nick died all alone.


Matthew and Walter survive the ski lodge

Walter and Matthew, the first homo couple, die in their first episode. Telltale could've done more with them, maybe have them survive till Howe's. What hurts me the most about Walter's death is that his last sight is that picture of him and Matthew. I would like to see Matthew surviving and interacting with Walter on-screen. Those two really needed more development.