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  • Decade45

    This here's my first attempt at writing a review for a character, so this blog may have grammar errors and incomplete sentences I might have missed. I apologize if any of it is messed up. Other than that, here's a character review of Mark. It's not a suprise if you don't remember Mark, since he appeared for only a few moments in the only episode he appeared in.

    Mark was employed at the Robins Air Force base, he was found offscreen by the group, he had access to commissary food and... that's pretty much it. Family members: Unknown. Come on, Telltale, why bother introducing a new character if you have no intention of giving them more backstory?

    The opening scene of Starved For Help involved Mark and Lee discussing the problems, the tensions an…

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  • Decade45

    After last week's awesome season opener, the second installment of Season 5 of The Walking Dead was a slower and quieter affair, but with one hell of a climax.

    With a slow mo opening that's straight out of a music video, it's made clear from the start of this episode that the gang are finally all back together (sorry Beth) but with a reunion comes character development. While Tyreese has spent enough time with Carol on the road to accept her forgiveness over Karen's murder, he vows to make the others understand her motives too, not that Carol's bothered about being BFFs with everyone else.

    Tara, who didn't have a big role and less than 5 lines in the previous episode, ("What's next is we get out of this." and "Shut up, Eugene." being two of …

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  • Decade45

    The premiere of Season 5, No Sanctuary, was awesome. Action-packed episodes like this one usually restore my faith in the TV Series. I feel that Too Far Gone is inferior to No Sanctuary, since there wasn't much chaos during the attack and that the gunfights were quite decent. No Sanctuary, however, gave us a good look at Terminus and gave our heroes awesome roles to play.

    The very beginning of the episode left my hairs on end as it featured some of the most intense moments of the show. The Terminants killing their captives (and Sam, poor old Sam) was gripping. The scene when one of the guards was about to bash Glenn's brains in with a bat sent me into WTF and HOLYSHIT mode. It was very well-done. 

    This episode also featured incredible charac…

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  • Decade45

    Hello, wikia users. To put this blog in a nutshell, it's my opinion of what should be added/changed in a remake/TV adaptation of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. If a blog post has been made about this already I apologize in advance. Feel free to leave your thoughts if you that my opinion good or satisfactory, and for those who think my opinion is bad, have some of my apologies. Anyways, let's begin.

    In the game, we were only able to save only one out of these two. The saved one would be given an extended role and more screentime, while the other would die and is rarely mentioned again. I would love to see Carley and Doug together in other episodes besides A New Day. How Carley reacts to Doug's dorkiness and how Doug teaches Carley about e…

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