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Season 4 death Predictions

Here's who I think will live and die

'BOLD' = Incorrect Predictions

Live: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, Judith, Carol, Morgan(Not Appearing), Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Glenn, and Maggie

50/50:Hershel, Beth, Bob Stokey, Tyreese, Lilly Chamblers(If she appears)

Dead: Sasha, Lizzie, Mika, Flame, Ms. Mcleod, Dr. Submarine, Shumpert, Martinez, and Philip Blake

Sasha - Killed by Walkers.

Lizzie - Commits Suicide after her sister and her fathers death.

Mika- Bit by Walker, Arm amputated by Carol but dies from bloodloss, So Lizzie stabs Mika in the Head before reanimation or Ben and Billy death.

Flame - Eaten by Walkers = Correct then Michonne puts the horse out of it's misery. = wrong

Ms Mcleod - Killed by Philip Blake.

Dr. Submarine - Killed himself after paranoia over the flu.

Shumpert - Killed by Maggie in the Wordbury Assualt.

Martinez - Killed by Philip Blake after refusing to Slaughter Rick's group anymore.

Philip Blake - Killed by Bob Stokey, or Lilly Caul again.

What is yours?

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