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    Pete(TV) Predictions

    February 26, 2015 by Deaths0ul94

    I had an idea of how Pete's story would play out in the tv series, I think it would be similar but some major differences

    Same thing happens Rick thinks that Pete is abusing his family, but instead of informing Michonne of his suspiscons in the comic, he reveals his suspicions to Carol who was abused by Ed, but she brushes it off, but after Rick leaves, we can tell she is sad and angry

    Then when rick attacks Pete, Carol detains him, and give him to the leader, she says to pete "If you are hurting your family, I will end your goddamn life!" which scares him.

    Then when He trys to kill rick, he cuts reginas throat then rick and him are fist fighting, then Carol kicks his knee, and stabs him in the chest, then she beings tell him about her husban…

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  • Deaths0ul94

    I know I might sound a little hypocrtical. But I just wanna get someone I love an Early Valentines Day gift, so if anyone knows a link or is willing to videocapture the episode and put it online I would be sincerely grateful.

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  • Deaths0ul94

    Here's who I think will live and die

    'BOLD' = Incorrect Predictions

    Live: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, Judith, Carol, Morgan(Not Appearing), Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Glenn, and Maggie

    50/50:Hershel, Beth, Bob Stokey, Tyreese, Lilly Chamblers(If she appears)

    Dead: Sasha, Lizzie, Mika, Flame, Ms. Mcleod, Dr. Submarine, Shumpert, Martinez, and Philip Blake

    Sasha - Killed by Walkers.

    Lizzie - Commits Suicide after her sister and her fathers death.

    Mika- Bit by Walker, Arm amputated by Carol but dies from bloodloss, So Lizzie stabs Mika in the Head before reanimation or Ben and Billy death.

    Flame - Eaten by Walkers = Correct then Michonne puts the horse out of it's misery. = wrong

    Ms Mcleod - Killed by Philip Blake.

    Dr. Submarine - Killed himself after paranoi…

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  • Deaths0ul94

    Should we create a "Presumed Undead"(Black)  "Presumed Alive"(Bright Blue)?

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