You will find spoilerific information within this blog post containing spoilers and probably some predictions for the and from the somewhat recent episode four of telltales Walking Dead Game. Hopefully this is a big enough portion of text now to prevent any of the other spoilers showing up. Probably will be now... most likely.


I've read quite a few comments around saying that Lee's done for and that his arm has bitten for too long and that he can't remove it now due to the infection spread. However I believe the likelihood of an amputation is high, I don't think the infection has spread far enough, If the wound is even infected yet at all. It seemed like it was still the same day in the game by the end of the episode. While I was playing, it looked like the time was somewhere in the afternoon when Clementine disappeared and it was still light outside when they arrived at the mortuary. So I'm thinking Lee could only have been bitten by the time he's arrived for a maximum off three hours.

Is three hours really long enough for the infection to become so bad that you wouldn't be able remove the limb?

Another thing that I feel points towards amputation is the place where Lee was actually bitten, somewhere close to his wrist, a pretty convenient place to be, right? Also I don't know how other people played but when I showed Kenny the wound and didn't tell him to fuck off. He said something that sparked life into my heart of Lee. I'll recite what he said to me, my bro.

Kenny: "I'll get the boat out onto the river, figure I can wait there until you get back, or atleast until nightfall."

Lee looks at Kenny questioningly: "You're still gonna take me, even bit?"

Kenny looks at Lee sympathetically: "Yeah we'll figure out what to do with that when the time comes."

If Heavy Rain can have me cut off Ethan Mars' finger to save Shaun, I think TTG's TWD can have me OR my bro Kenny cut off my own hand to save myself.

Do you guys want to play as Lee in the second season, or a new character with a new group?


Also, my copy of The Road to Woodbury arrived this morning, that's why I was thinking about the game, because of that one plothole. Hopefully it's sewn shut by the end of the book. Cause I really wanted the game to fit in with the comic/novels so it could be all intertwined and have some validility when referencing one to the other.

Oh well, hope you enjoyed reading the spiel of garbage that I was thinking about while I awaited my package to arrive. If you're looking for something more to read you should check out my story on the Undead Fan Stories Wiki. It's not the greatest, but I enjoy writing it. New Issue will be up on the 27th of October.