Just a notice for anyone who reads my fanfic.

I'm rewriting it, so it won't be continued for a while. It'll be in a third person perspective this time round, I know some people like to read the "I did this, I did that" kinds of stories. However, I'm slowly starting to lose interest in that style. Yet, I think I may write it that way first then revise it afterwards, that'll take time, but I think its probably the best route to go. I can spout "I did this, I did that" quite easily so my stories pretty much write themselves in a step by step manner. Enough of that, I'll tell you where I am in revision at the moment.

The first Intro was merely eight hundred words. Now the intro is at fourteen hundred and it's still climbing as I write more banter/feelings as well as elaborate more on the scene settings. I've opted to get rid of the 'cheesy' surname Cain from the main character; I'm open for suggestions on any surnames if anyone wants to help me decide on one, your suggestions would help as I have a tendency to name things strangely. How do you think I should release this new version? Make it a single 'Me before Them' blog post and post updates for blog entries saying when its updated or just continue delivering them in seperate blogs.

And if you're wondering why i'm rewriting. It's because at some point when it's finished I want to put it on Fanfiction.net.