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Me Before Them.

Part 3 + 4

Bullets rang off the metal containers bouncing all around me in all directions, it was a miracle none of them hit me as I crouched low behind the one container I used as cover. They were pushing forward all six of them. I hadn’t anticipated Tyr, their leader to be assisting in loading their wares into an army grade Jeep, but he had been. I had tried to negotiate my freedom with him by holding a hostage. Probably shouldn’t have done that. Somewhere from behind the firing, I heard Tyr yelling, saying something about vengeance and justice.

The rifle at my shoulder was loaded with a single bullet; it was an antique piece of shit. I loaded the pistol I had stolen from Gabe, the thug who’d been watching me for the past few days I had spent here and moved along the side of the container. The rifle at my shoulder hung loaded with a single bullet it seemed, antique piece of shit. There was a gap in between it and the wall behind it leading out towards the jeep. I slid in behind it and waited for the gunshots to die down.

“You two go in. Cover each other.” I could hear their leader Tyr saying. “You three make sure he doesn’t get out, I’m going to get some of the others.”

“Yes sir.” they all said in reply.

I stood there for what seemed an eternity, my heart was racing and adrenaline had kicked in. My hands were shaking and I felt a little light headed. This is the buzz I had come to love now. Not a stimulant or an inhalant. No this was a mixture of fear and doubt, excitement and primal instinct. I moved back towards the gap I had slipped into and saw the two goons Tyr had sent in here walking close to each others’ side. I took aim from inside the small space, just as I was about to fire. Fucking Gabe shambled onto the scene. His head was drooping back and forth bouncing around his now broken jaw. He was a creeper now. I had kicked him pretty hard in the mouth, looks like it was enough to break the old fucks neck. I shot the bullet and it took one of the goons clean in his back knocking him to the floor screaming. The other turned to take aim at me and Gabe grabbed him from behind. Put him in some choke hold and began gnawing at his head with his top row of teeth his jaw bending and contorting grimly as he did so. The man was screaming now, loudly. I could hear a dozen footsteps rattling off the concrete floor on the other side of the container. Tyr was back.

I slid out from behind the container and made my way towards Gabe, running lightly as I came into close proximity of him. He had choked his victim to death it looked like. There were large gashes that ran across the length of his head. Gabe looked up at me, might have realized it was me coming at him because his eyes almost popped out of head. He clambered to get up, his victim weighing him down. I came in close and began looting the corpse of the man I had shot. I found another pistol and a grenade. I moved towards Gabe, smacking him clean in the face with the butt of his own pistol. His jaw still swayed all over. I pulled an assault rifle from his shoulder and took the two ammo clips strapped to his jacket. From behind me, I could hear Tyr screaming, his voice echoing off the large warehouse walls.

“Everyone in there, He’s dead now. You hear me you asshole you’re dead now!”

I almost forgot about Gabe when he said that, the bastard managed to grab my leg. I dropped the assault rifle and it slid on the ground about four feet away from me. I leant back and shot him the forehead, leaving a single hole in his disfigured face.

I climbed to my feet and grabbed up the assault rifle as I moved even further towards the back of the warehouse. I reached the area they had been making me move crates in earlier, where I killed Gabe the first time. Quickly I pushed one of the crates out into the open and took up a position behind it. Almost instantly shots fired off and cracked through its outer shell and lodged itself inside, whatever was in there was definitely stopping the bullets. Splinters flew all about as they continued shooting. I sat there and laid out the weapons I had gathered on the ground at my side. Two pistols an antique rifle, an assault rifle and a grenade. I slipped my finger into the pin of the grenade and tore it out. I lobbed it from cover all the way behind me, waiting for a response. I glanced out from behind the side of the crate. I glimpsed five men caught in the explosion before I ducked back into my cover. They all lay on the ground specked black and red. I reached down and picked up the antique rifle. I lifted it into the air from behind cover and got a response, more bullets.

More bullets answered. I waited a few seconds then quickly popped my head up and took the single shot. It missed and ricocheted off a container door. I sat back into cover tossing the antique to my side. My heart was aching now, fuck I was scared. Here’s me sitting here fighting a small army by myself. What the fuck was I thinking? I laid my hands down to my side listening to the bullets continue to splinter against my cover.

Felt like I was going to die, I picked up my two pistols and placed them into the back of my pants. I grabbed the assault rifle and made sure it was still loaded, if at all. It was. I slid out into the open into the cover of another container. I stood there listening to their bullets ring off against the metal. I waited a moment before looking out again. They were moving towards me now, only that didn’t bother me. What I seen behind them was my salvation through destruction. The container I had shot earlier, the door had swung open. Inside stacked to the roof were rows upon rows of gas canisters.

I looked to my side and grabbed the containers door handle, it wouldn’t move. I shook it more violently, it became unstuck. The door was heavy but I managed to open it a foot and a half with one arm. I dipped out of cover and unloaded a burst in that direction. I threw the gun down and ducked around the container door before slamming it shut behind me.

What came next I could only imagine. It threw the container I stood in across the room and it became unbearably hot. The inside of the container was filled with litres upon litres of jugged water. They had flown everywhere in the turmoil and almost cost me my life when one flew directly at my head. I had been saved at the cost of winding by another. When I opened the door I was battered and bruised, I had lost a pistol as well. The flames were licking at almost everything around. The entire warehouse was black and charred up to the roof. Containers were stacked on top of each other, warped by the heat of the explosion. I dowsed myself in water before limping my way through the destruction.

It was like something out of the old action movies. Ash and the smell of gas filled the air around. I fashioned a mask out of the shirt beneath my jacket. I stepped over a charred corpse and manoeuvred past a red hot piece of steel before I could see the exit where they had been loading up their Jeep. With any luck the thing would still be there. I crouched under a hanging staircase, which fell down just seconds after I had made it past. I came to a large clearing, must have been where the gas was. It had blown everything out of the way leaving a clear route towards the open door. I made forward, limping along a little faster now.

I walked out into the area near the door and noticed the Jeep had survived; it was pressed up against the wall by a container. I limped over towards it and began climbing its bonnet. In the driver seat sat Tyr. He was alive, just barely. A piece stray piece of metal had flown through the window and stuck itself in his neck. I pulled him into the back seat.

“Look, you fucking bastard. Give me the keys and I’ll get you help. You’ll be my prisoner until I drug you up and ditch you someplace far away. No guarantees you’ll survive, you don’t look very good.” I said to him

Tyr opened a blood soaked hand and fell unconscious. The key rested against his palm. I grabbed it and moved into the driver seat. I turned the key and the engine turned over. The vehicle popped out of the gap it was stuck in. I drove through the open door out into the yard. I gunned it towards the gate smashing through it with ease.

“You picked a good car man, this thing is a beast.” I said as I repositioned the mirror so I could see behind me.

Tyr was dead now. The shock from blasting through the gate had pushed the metal further into his neck and into his throat. Blood bubbled at his lips. He lay there for a while as I drove half mile and hid up a bush track. I wanted to see if any of his men were following me but It was there I dropped Tyr into a creek. Fucking idiot deserved what he got. When I returned to the Jeep I decided to have a look and see what was in this vehicle. I popped the trunk and found two hundred pounds of explosives. In the rear of the truck where Tyrs’ feet had been were two containers filled with military grade adrenaline. No guns, at all.

I jumped back into the driver seat and turned the Jeep on, its engine rumbled as I thought about what had transpired there at that warehouse on the army base. I pushed down on the throttle and reversed back out onto the road. I drove for a good five hours into the night before I turned up to where I was staying before I got the stupid idea to get the weapons.

The Sanctuary is what they called it, a plot of land surrounded by a manmade lake. You needed to be ferried in if you wanted to enter, stripped clean of all weapons. This island was owned by none other than my father. ‘A true saviour’ they liked to call him. However he was merely using them. They were his labour force; they were fed by him through their own hard work.

“Max.” One of the dock guards said as he lifted his lantern into the air.

“Alex. Call the boat. I need to see the doctor.” I told him.

“You know procedure Max, got to make sure you’re clean.” He said taking a step back.

“I’m not bit, are you fucking moron. I wouldn’t come back if I was. I’ve got broken ribs.” I said as I dropped my jacket to the ground and begun undoing my shirt. I dropped my pants and held my arms out wide.

“No bites.” I said while turning in a circle.

“Aidan, signal the others.” Alex yelled to another man who begun opening and shutting a lantern.

Across the river another light shined back and before long a paddle boat was moored up against the dock. Once inside the boat we began moving towards the island in the distance. When we arrived I got the same check over and was admitted onto the property. I first went and saw the doctor. Jessica. I had loved her numbers of times in the past three years. She couldn’t understand the relationship I had with my father. She cried and despaired when I left, every time. I knocked at her door. No response so I knocked again. The door opened by Vincent, my step brother as of last year.

“Max eh? Thought you might have actually gone and got yourself killed this time.” He said with a slight sarcasm to his voice.

“Maybe, next time eh. Brother.” I said as I passed him and into Jess’ house.

“Maybe I’ll come along on your next little escapade.” He said walking towards the main house.

“You’d die.” I said as I shut the door behind me.

Out from the hallway she came, her blonde hair falling behind her as she hurried across to me.

“Max...” She said as she helped me take off my clothes.

“Sorry... I came here this late at night.” I said grunting at the pain of removing my pants.

“What happened to you?” She asked as she observed my beaten body.

“Fucking almost died, you’d never believe it if I told you.” I said as I sat on a stool.

“Tell me.” She said as she put her against my shoulder.

I told her everything that had happened as she examined my wounds. I could tell from her expression that she believed me. Maybe she thought I was just making up some of the story as I went along.

“Well, movie star. Sounds like you were lucky. You’ve got no broken ribs, just a hell of a lot of bruising.” She said as she bandaged my torso.

She tied off the ends just before the doorbell rang. She hurried off to answer it. When she re entered the room she was accompanied by my father and the guard Alex. My father was all white in the hair now, a pale ghost of the man he’d been when I was a child.

“Max, Alex tells me you’ve got enough explosives to build me half the lake again in an instant. Is this true?” He asked, getting straight to the point.

“Yeah, I couldn’t dump it. Look at me. I was going to tell you. Your dogs should stop sniffing around my stuff.” I said as I looked at the man Alex and let my father survey my injuries.

“Alright, you’ve got two days to get rid of it. Get rid of yourself as well.” He said turning around and bean exiting the house. “You always bring trouble with you, you always fucking have.” He said as he turned around towards me, his face a beet red.

“Fuck off old man, I’m not a kid anymore and I’m not my mother. I’ll fuck you up and don’t worry I’ll be gone in the morning after I’ve eaten.” I said in response, this is the side of my father he had always tried to hide.

“You’re the reason your mother died. You know that boy. You and your fucking habit.” He spat as he stormed across the room towards me. “She begged me ‘we have to check his apartment and see if he’s there’ that’s what she had said and we did. Only when we arrived, what did we find? Our son doped out of his head on drugs. You looked half dead already, that’s what killed her boy. She died inside at that moment.” He turned to Jessica.

“Sorry, Doctor. Excuse me and my son; we get like this on occasion.” He turned and began walking out of the house again.

I couldn’t say anything, it was true. That night Jessica and I shared a room, we held each other until the sun rose. We shared a breakfast and I listened to her try to convince me to let her come with me. I told her my father wouldn’t allow her on the boat.

“You’re his doctor Jessica. You’re an asset to him. My father keeps his assets closer than his family.”

“I want to leave Max, with you.” She said adamantly.

“You wouldn’t be allowed on the boat.” I said as I took a bite out of homemade bread. “This is good bread.” I said almost ignoring her.

“Thanks Max. I’m not staying here until your father dies. That Vincent is constantly trying to get with me.” She said concerned.

“Don’t worry, you know the reason I’m constantly out there is to find us another home. Then I’ll come and rescue you like in the old fairy tales.” I said jokingly as I lifted my plate from the table. “I’ll be back, you know that and you know I want to take you with me. The people though Jess. There’re some freaks out there. My father’s one of them in some ways.”

I pulled my jacket on and left her residence, leaving her at the door in the morning gloom. It’s easier this way. As I walked by the main house Vincent stood in the window sipping at a hot drink. He nodded with a smirk coming to his face. I ignored him, Jess would too. The guy was a creep. Son of the woman my father had wed after the collapse. Bitch lived just as easy as my father.

I walked down to the dock and nodded towards the boatman. We moved along at a brisk pace, the water lapping up against the sides. A mist had set in that morning.

“Good morning.” The boatman said.

“You reckon? Looks good, feels shit.” I said back.

“My boss said you called us dogs.” He said in a stern tone.

I looked up but he was on me grabbed me by my clothing and lifted me into the air. Big bastard he was, this boatman. He tossed me into the water.

“Good dog.” I yelled back as I floated in the water before starting a back stroke towards the banks on the far side.

It was fucking cold; I ended up taking off my jacket and leaving it in the water. After half an hour I was soaked to the bone and came up on the banks. I stripped off my clothing and began walking towards the road where the Jeep was parked. The sun had come out now though and it warmed my skin. As I walked past the dock Alex yelled something out.

“Maybe you’ll think twice before you insult me.”

I dumped my clothing and walked over to him. Steam rising from my body as it warmed in the sun. I clenched my fist tight.

“Your brother said it’d be fun...” was all he could say before I pushed him as hard as I could off the dock.

“Funny? Right, fucking hilarious isn’t it.” I said as I turned and walked off leaving him to clamber up the bank.

I tore my bandages off and picked up my clothing wincing at the pain as I did so. I walked up the road and found the Jeep. Climbed into the driver seat I found a handgun and a note, it read. ‘Guess I couldn’t come with you this time brother. See you when you get home.’ I started the Jeep and drove off towards my new destination. I had come up with it last night as I thought of what to do with the explosives. Then it hit me, I’d been stewing on what my father had said and i must admit I’d taken him very seriously. Those words were enough to make me want to destroy my fathers’ most prized possession in the old world, the family hotel.