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Me Before Them.

Part 2

“They’re on the fucking ship!” He continued screaming as I grabbed a sheet I had fashioned as rope to traverse down to two of the lower rooms in the hotel. This second floor was where I had been sleeping these past two months. I had barricaded the door with every piece of furniture I could find in the room. The whole time I had stayed here the creepers had been prowling up and down the hallways. When I first arrived and started laying out the explosives I had to clear out near fifty of the things. No gunshots just a thick handled stick with a rock tied onto the end strung up with a shit ton of string and tape. As I slid onto the deck of the floor below, the burning man, Gill his name was continued to shriek and wail in pain. I grabbed up my gear and moved down another floor by way of another sheet rope. On the third floor down now I could hear it, a faint beeping sound in the distance repeating itself every second.

The C4 had been a gift from a friend named Gabe. He was an insulting prick, only knew him for a few days. A while back I’d figured I’d find some ammo and firearms at an army camp, Stupid idea that was it was there that I found Gabe and a bunch of other goons holed up. Thirty or more men and they had guns aplenty, ammo to last them a hundred assaults. The C4 was Gabes’ responsibility, he also got the responsibility of keeping an eye on me while they figured out if I was on their level or not. After a few days I had found out they were relocating, lack of food. I decided I’d rather not be in a situation where I was a loose end so in the end I took action.

“Gabe, man you’ve got to tell me.” I said to him as I pushed a large crate across the floor to where he stood leaning against a container. He was an older man, thirty years or more on me. Grey hair and eyebrows, cold eyes that said he’d seen some shit he’d never talk about.

“Tell you what?” He replied pointing to a spot at his left.

“What you were doing before the collapse.” I said heaving the crate into place before dusting off my hands.

“How about you tell me what you were doing before the collapse, Max.” He said with a stark tone to his voice. He pointed to another crate where the last had been.

“Alright, I’ll tell you Gabe. Right before everything went to shit. I was pinging up, getting high on drugs. Next thing I know my house maid is trying to eat my face. Craziest shit I've ever seen, you wouldn’t be able to guess how scared I was after I had killed the bitch. Here I am thinking ‘Oh fuck I’m going to prison because this bitch tried to fucking eat me’ I have to admit I was kind of relieved when I first found out others were doing the same thing. Only for a second though because those bastards tried to eat me too.” I told him.

“You’re a drug addict.” He said with contempt in his voice.

“No, I was a drug addict Gabe, now I’m sober, clean as you are. For three years now.” I told him as I begun pushing the next crate across the floor.

“Fucking saint now are we?” He said again, as if to invite me to speak again so he could beat me down or shoot me.

I didn’t say anything this old man was about to wish he’d not pissed me off. A saint, yeah fucking right, you don’t do the things I do if you’re a saint. I pushed the crate into place next to another and walked in front of Gabe.

“You know what Gabe?” I asked him.

“What.” He answered his eyes sharpening as he looked into mine.

“Hey man.” I said as if to notice someone behind him.

He began turning around almost relaxed for about two seconds. Long enough for me to push hard into his chest slamming him into the container behind him without him knowing what was happening. He fell on his arse and fumbled at his waist for his firearm. Almost instinctively my foot rose from the ground and smashed him clean under his jaw. He lay on the ground half hunched over. I moved in close removing his handgun from his waist, loading it quietly as I crouched down and surveyed my surroundings. Somewhere within these containers were another five other men. I started my around them leaning in close and peering round corners. It was pretty quiet until I reached the last couple of containers. As I peered out from behind it I saw them loading up supplies into a large army grade jeep. Towards the large open door, their leader a guy named Tyr was giving out tasks.

“John, go get Gabe and bring the stranger too.” He said to one of the men, who almost instantly started walking towards me.

I headed back and slid into a tight gap waiting for him to pass. He did so, like he had been told to by his boss. I ducked back out and crept up behind him before sticking the barrel of Gabes handgun to his neck.

“Don’t fuck with me, John. Put the gun down and turn around. We’ll go see your boss. See if we can’t resolve this like civilised men.” He did as I asked, maybe he really thought it could end that way.

I grabbed his rifle and hung it under my shoulder my pistol still aimed directly at him. I signalled him and we begun moving. We walked out from behind the container I had spied them from and I stopped him there.

“Hey boss, leader. Whoever the fuck you are. You’re going to let me go out of here peacefully or this is going to get bloody.” I said from behind him.

For a moment I think the leader thought it was this chump John who was speaking to him. After he realized what was happening he took up his rifle and signalled to his men who all began arming and aiming their firearms at us.

“Look we can do this the easy way or the hard way...” I said only just then a bullet whizzed by my head and ricocheted into the air.

“Alright then, it’s the easy way you stupid fuck.” I pulled the trigger and John fell to the ground, I turned back and slid into cover behind the containers.