You will find spoilerific information within this blog post containing spoilers and probably some predictions in this blog about what ifs. Ripleys believe or not, weird or what, to the moon like a rocket man, round and round it goes like a merry go round. Yeah this should be long enough now so people can't see this ramble.

This is a casual blog.   (As in i'm just going to be casual as ****.)

Now to the main shit man. the shit I'm pondering.

What if Abe hadn't died an instead continued his macho antics into this saga with Negan. I like to believe why Kirks had to kill him, was that he was OP as character and really did actually threaten Ricks leadership now that i think about it. Imagine that he had lived and if he challenged Rick for the leadership in the wake of the Glen massacre and this pandering to the new "Man" AKA Negan,

IN THERE FOR THE RIC FLAIR WOOO! "To be the man you gotta beat the man!" *Does a goofy walk* WOO!

I think that would've been interesting and would've given a lot more "Flair" shall we say to the slower issues after the massacre. Which honestly to me as a whole, that story so far has seemed hella watered down, nothing really substantial plot wise was done there. Other than the cool "I'ma get yo ass." which to me is pretty underwhelming at the cost of one of the longest living group members. An Abe and Rick confrontation would've built a stronger bond there and given his death more meaning. As it was he hadn't really done anything other than meet up with Rick, help clear out the walkers in the ASZ and sleep with a few womens. I just look at it as wasted awesome, the same awesome the TV series managed  to do with Shane.

Imagine it, ABE VS RICK, Barefists vs Fist & Stump in a 1V1 for the leadership role, man that would've been sweet to see.

Do you have any "what if" scenarios you've thought of and would like to share, let me know.