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  • Deathcloud

    You will find spoilerific information within this blog post containing spoilers and probably some predictions in this blog about what ifs. Ripleys believe or not, weird or what, to the moon like a rocket man, round and round it goes like a merry go round. Yeah this should be long enough now so people can't see this ramble.

    This is a casual blog.   (As in i'm just going to be casual as ****.)

    Now to the main shit man. the shit I'm pondering.

    What if Abe hadn't died an instead continued his macho antics into this saga with Negan. I like to believe why Kirks had to kill him, was that he was OP as character and really did actually threaten Ricks leadership now that i think about it. Imagine that he had lived and if he challenged Rick for the lead…

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  • Deathcloud

    You will find spoilerific information within this blog post containing spoilers and probably some predictions for the and from the somewhat recent episode four of telltales Walking Dead Game. Hopefully this is a big enough portion of text now to prevent any of the other spoilers showing up. Probably will be now... most likely.


    I've read quite a few comments around saying that Lee's done for and that his arm has bitten for too long and that he can't remove it now due to the infection spread. However I believe the likelihood of an amputation is high, I don't think the infection has spread far enough, If the wound is even infected yet at all. It seemed like it was still the same day in the game by the end of the episode. While I was p…

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  • Deathcloud

    Edit 2: Figured it out, sorry for any inconvenience.



    From the Article

    "The fourth episode of Telltale's Walking Dead series, titled Around Every Corner, will be released in the US on Tuesday, October 9th on PlayStation Network for $4.99 or as part of the Season Pass for $19.99. The episode will appear just a day later on Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, October 10th for 400 MS Points, and on PC and Mac via the Telltale Games Store and other distribution platforms, including Steam and Origin."

    Can't wait to play Simon says with the old man on the talkie. Thing is when the game gives me the choice, It's player says die... Kenny looks hella depressed in this Wallpaper.

    Anyone else excited?…

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  • Deathcloud

    Hey zombie slayers, just a quick update on my fanfic, which isn't even really a fanfic. More a ZA story now that I think about it. whoop de doo though here's that update.

    Currently I've re-written up to the end of part three, as I go through, I realize how poorly written Me Before Them was. As it stood the combined word count for all three parts was approximately two thousand words. Now it's around four thousand. I don't know when I'll post it just yet, I feel like keeping it for a while longer. Just so I can keep adding small adjustments if I need to. I'm also thinking of doing a prologue for some back-story. Hopefully it doesn't take any longer than the end of September, by that time I hope to have finished revising the first double part a…

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  • Deathcloud

    Just a notice for anyone who reads my fanfic.

    I'm rewriting it, so it won't be continued for a while. It'll be in a third person perspective this time round, I know some people like to read the "I did this, I did that" kinds of stories. However, I'm slowly starting to lose interest in that style. Yet, I think I may write it that way first then revise it afterwards, that'll take time, but I think its probably the best route to go. I can spout "I did this, I did that" quite easily so my stories pretty much write themselves in a step by step manner. Enough of that, I'll tell you where I am in revision at the moment.

    The first Intro was merely eight hundred words. Now the intro is at fourteen hundred and it's still climbing as I write more banter/…

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