The Walking Dead: 400 Days has a big connection to both Season 1 and the other stories.


  • during the intro, Duck and Kenny are seen getting into the truck.

                                                 VINCE: DAY 2

  • while on the prison bus, a woman and a child are seen running away from walkers as they eat a dead body. the child and woman are Shel and Becca.
  • remember the prison bus driver (Bennett)? well this isn't the last time we see him.....

                                                  WYATT: DAY 41

  • Wyatt and Eddie are chased by a unseen attacker in his truck at the beggining and ending of the story, this dosen't mark the last time we see him....
  • during the story, Eddie runs over a cop as he was running down the road. Eddie or Wyatt can go check on him. the cop that got run over was Bennett from Vince's story.

                                                  RUSSELL: DAY 184

  • if Russell chooses to hide from the strange man, Russell will hide next to a rotten, maggot infested corpse, the corpse turns out to be Carley/Doug depending who you saved in Episode 1 and who got shot by Lilly in Episode 3.
  • the stranger that picks Russell up is the strange attacker that chased Wyatt and Eddie in their story. (notice the shot out headlight and cut from the window)
  • if Russell dosen't talk to Nate (the attack from Wyatt's story) and he drives off, a group of zombies will appear, if you played Vince BEFORE Russell's, Justin/Danny (depending on who's ankle you shot off) will appear as an walker. 
  • after getting behind the Git's Pitstop. the cop that was bitten in the neck by the zombified Jerry in Vince's story (Clyde) appears as a walker. with a screwdriver in his eye, Russell then has a choice to kill him or leave him as a walker, leaving him will have him appear in another story.....

                                                 BONNIE: DAY 220

  • Dee "finds" a bag of supplies. and a group appears looking for them, the group are revealed to be Shel's group (as revealed through voices and silhouettes). and the bag Dee has may have been stolen from them, as someone broke into their group some time at the same time
  • if Russell didn't kill Clyde in his story, Bonnie will be attacked by him and he will be killed by having his screwdriver kicked into his head.

                                              SHEL: DAY 236 & 259

  • Bennett can appear as one of the "watchdogs".
  • three members from Vernon's Cancer Group (Clive, Joyce, Boyd) make a reappearance (with Vernon starring as "The Guy Everyone Hates and Died Offscreen).
  • (NOT RELATED TO ANY OF THE STORIES AT ALL) in the camper, Shel can find a bottle of Banang, referencing Telltale Game's older Sam & Max video game series.

                                           TAVIA: DAY 400

  • the water tower from Bonnie's story appears in the background

                                          END CREDITS

  • Depending on the choices you made will appear in the credits
  • Justin/Danny can be seen crawling away from approaching zombies
  • if Wyatt won and stayed in the car and left Eddie, Eddie is seen helping Bennett and looking in fear as Nate stands in front of his truck, hinting at Nate may have killed Eddie
  • Dee's body in the cornfield is seen
  • if Russell didn't kill Clyde (the zombie cop) at Git's Pitstop, he is seen crawling away.