I know this theory may sound crazy, and I know that someone will say I'm just saying this because their both Asian.  But I have found a few interesting connections between Vince's brother and Glenn.

  • Vince said that he was defending his brother when he shot the guy, and Glenn said that he owed money to a few people
  • Both are from Macon
  • Glenn had a poor relationship with his parents but didn't go any further.  If Vince killed a guy for Glenn, his parents would probably resent him for being responsible for Vince being sent to jail.  Also, Glenn probably wouldn't have wanted to mention his brother was a killer
  • Vince appears to be older than Glenn, and it is mentioned it was his younger brother

But this is just my theory.  What do you guys think? I would have a poll, but I don't know how to. So just post your opinions in the comments.