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  • DeadHead2016

    I know this theory may sound crazy, and I know that someone will say I'm just saying this because their both Asian.  But I have found a few interesting connections between Vince's brother and Glenn.

    • Vince said that he was defending his brother when he shot the guy, and Glenn said that he owed money to a few people
    • Both are from Macon
    • Glenn had a poor relationship with his parents but didn't go any further.  If Vince killed a guy for Glenn, his parents would probably resent him for being responsible for Vince being sent to jail.  Also, Glenn probably wouldn't have wanted to mention his brother was a killer
    • Vince appears to be older than Glenn, and it is mentioned it was his younger brother

    But this is just my theory.  What do you guys think? I …

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  • DeadHead2016

    Walking Dead Marathon

    December 27, 2013 by DeadHead2016

    Just got an email from AMC saying they'd be having a New Years Eve/Day Walking Dead marathon with every episode in chronological order.  I remember they had the same promotion last year, but it just wound up showing season three episodes after being advertised as showing all of them.  Hopefully this is true, because last year I was extremely pissed when they didn't show all of them.  Anyway, while I read the email I began to wonder why they didn't show all of them last year like they said?  Does anyone have any idea as to why that was?

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  • DeadHead2016

    I wonder if it's possible that Bill and Jamie were in Woodburry and then came to the prison.  They were both to young to battle, so it's possible.  It is also likely they would be shown in the TV series to give Hannah's sacrifice meaning, since she and T-Dog's death were similar in the fact they were already bit, their death was gruesome, and they did it to protect those they cared about.  What does everyone here think?

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  • DeadHead2016

    When will they get to the Safe zone?  I predict that it will be midseason finale of season 4 or earlier, giving enough time for the Hunters, Abe, Rosita, Eugene, Morgan (again) and Father Gabe.  Im also going to guess when the herd comes to Safe zone, Ron will be saved through his mother, Jesse, sacrifice, with her final request to Rick will be to take care of her son, thus making Rick responsible for the kid who in his eyes caused his entire family to die.  That would be pretty interesting.  Any other predictions? 

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