Hello everyone on the walking dead wik, Daryltwd48 here and I wanted to tell you a little bit about the virus in the walking dead world.

I just want to say i am not the best at grammer, so if i have a mistake please just post it in the comments.

All the Suff...Thangs

In all truth, ALL the science behind it, is simple 7th grade stuff. There are two types of viruses:Hidden and active.

Active Viruses

An active virus is a virus that will enter your cell, imbed itself into your genitic material, and immediately start to reproudce. Once it is done you get sick, and/or die. :)

Hidden Viruses

This is the virus that I really care about. Hidden viruses can get into your cell, imbed itself into the gentic material, but instead of having is immediatly start to repruduce, it waits, and it waits. It waits for a trigger for it to start to reprudce. You can have it in your cells for years without knowing.

Hidden Viruses and The Walking Dead

So, in the walking dead everyone turns. Therefore the virus is a hidden virus, and the triggers are being bite and/or dieing.

The End

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