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    Hello everyone, daryltwd48 here with another blog. I want to share my thoughts about the next episode of The Walking Dead.

    I think that Tara Chambler is going to die: I think this because if you watch the Promo, Abraham said Glenn, "She has already died, no need for you to die to."

    I also think that Abraham and Rick, Carl, and Michonne will meat Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, and Tara (if she is still alive). I think this because Glenn, and the rest are fire fighting something, and Rick is fire fighting something, so that equals, the 2 groups meeting!!!

    This is all that I have for now. Please comment below, and if you caught a grammar errors (because I am not the best at it) please comment below.

    Thanks for reading.

    Daryltwd48 (talk) 23:05, Fe…

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  • Daryltwd48

    Hello all in the walking dead world, i have some news about series 6 of the walking dead action figures.

    They will be relesed sometime in October, and willl feture 6 figures.

    Here is a link to the McFarlane Website:


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    Hello everyone on the walking dead wik, Daryltwd48 here and I wanted to tell you a little bit about the virus in the walking dead world.

    I just want to say i am not the best at grammer, so if i have a mistake please just post it in the comments.

    In all truth, ALL the science behind it, is simple 7th grade stuff. There are two types of viruses:Hidden and active.

    An active virus is a virus that will enter your cell, imbed itself into your genitic material, and immediately start to reproudce. Once it is done you get sick, and/or die. :)

    This is the virus that I really care about. Hidden viruses can get into your cell, imbed itself into the gentic material, but instead of having is immediatly start to repruduce, it waits, and it waits. It waits fo…

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    Bob`s Box???

    January 21, 2014 by Daryltwd48

    Hi everyone, daryltwd48 here to give you another blog about The Walking Dead.

    Just to say i am not the best person ever in spelling and grammer, so if you catch mistakes, please just tell me.  

    Today i am talking about Bob Stookey in season 4 episode 8.

    When Shaha comes to him outside of A Block, Bob has a box, about the size of a shoe box, and he is looking at it seirsly. Well I want to know is what is in the box.


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    Daryl Dixon

    January 18, 2014 by Daryltwd48


    Today I was on chat, and we were talking about if Daryl Dixon (TV Series) is a pathetic character. Out of bout 5 or 6 people 4 or 5 people said he was pathetic.

    What do you think.

    Thanks for voting.

    Hey, if you want to e-mail me, here's my e-mail:


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