Hey guys, Crossbow here with another blog. 

So we all know, well... People who don't read the comics or about to... ----Giving you another warning----

So in the comics.. Tyreese and Carol get into a relastionship.. 

In the show, its a whole nother ball game. Carol kills Tyreese's "beloved" Karen. (People who liked her--Thats terrible--No offense at all)

Carol is banished and all this stupid stuff, even though Rick killed Shane and Carl killed Jody-A Woodbury soldier. (I mean.. Really Rick!?)

So in the Mid-Season Finale, Tyreese is saved by Lizzie and Mika. He is then seen running the way they went, meaning he is going to protect them.

Carol adopted the two children. What if Tyreese crosses in Carol's path, having the children. 


Carol will confess to Tyreese what she did.


Tyreese will feel some sympathy towards her. Feeling what she could of felt.


From there... I think that their will relastionship will grow.. And when Daryl dies by something.. (Kinda hope not) Carol and Tyreese will grow as close as possible and become a couple. 

Well that is my Carol and Tyreese prediction... Leave your thoughts and comments down below!

- Crossbow Out!