So in the latest episode of the waling dead...


Patrick attacked cell block D. Causing many deaths left and right. We figure out that its a disease killing people such as Patrick and Charlie.

They clear it out with Carol taking in Ryan Samuels to a cell after being bit to amputate his arm. She finds out he is bit on the neck also and she calls his children in. Ryan then tells Carol to take care of his children. They say goodbye as Lizzie Samuels decides she wants to end her fathers misery and reanimation. Carol hands her the knife as she is about to stab her father, she drops it and trembles. Carol moves Lizzie over to her sister (Mika) and Carol stops Ryan's reanimation. 

Carol is now the adoptive mother of Lizzie and MIka. I like this idea better then Glenn and Maggie adopting a child, Honestly... Glenn and Maggie doesn't seem like they would look after them. (my opinion) 

My favorite part was when Carol says to Lizzie "If you want to survive.., you have to be strong" Its an emotional episode overall. And now one of my favorite characters Carol, is getting a really big push. Now having the chance to protect children like their her own... I Love It!