Hey guys, Crossbow here with another blog.

This one is gonna be about Maggie Greene and the rumors going on about her. 

So people are saying they have seen spoilers/rumors about her dying in the second half of Season 4. I haven't seen the rumors but my cousin has, (he is big fan of the show also) and told me about someone dying that hasn't died in the comics.

Rick,Carl,Maggie... Haven't died in the comics..-- Yet!

Will Maggie be the one to go.... No.. I don't think so..

I think the Writers are trying to pull our legs..

Somebody who hasn't died in the comics...

Well, Daryl isn't in the comics... Sasha isn't or wasn't.... and Beth wasn't in the comics.  

So I think it will be one of them three... 

And I have really grown to like Sasha.. In all honesty she is badass. 

Beth.. I think she will be around for Season 5. 

Daryl... hmmm.....

But I just don't think they would kill Maggie... They got rid of Andrea, who should have been badass. 

They can't do the same thing to Maggie... One of our badass girls that we have left.. 

Leave your comments and thoughts down below, hope you enjoyed the blog!

-- Crossbow out.