So, this is my prediction for Carol. 

Not gonna be long and take your time,

So she is probably not gonna return in the early episodes after break. It would take her time to go back to the prison and see its gone.

She will go back out on the road, which Rick has already found Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. She will finally find them in which Rick tells her that Daryl is dead, OR Daryl went out looking for her.

It would make sense that if Daryl was dead, he got so upset that she was gone, that she would be upset over his death.

BUT if he had gone out looking, she will go out looking with some of the group and POSSIBLY find him being eaten alive by The Hunters.

So, it could go either way, but I don't see Carol and Daryl reuniting ever again...

Hope you enjoyed this blog, Crossbow out!