Hey guys, Crossbow here to bring you another blog. 

If you read the comics, you know that the Hunters are one of the Antagonist(s). 

They are a pretty sick bunch if you know about them.

And if you don't,The Hunters  -- There you go.

If Gimple is gonna keep his word by following the comics. 

They shall likely appear in Season 4B, or will they try to hold them off? (Even though I don't think they can.. Seeing how for Season 5 Ep. 1 the group heads to Washington.) Maybe they will bring them in there?

Anyways we are all pretty sure they will be brought in sometime. 

My prediction in who is gonna die by them, probably Daryl, or maybe Beth?

Hope you liked this little blog, leave your thoughts and comments down below.

-- Crossbow out..