Ok well I don't know how serious I can make this... But Hershel went straight legit badass in the last episode.

Hershel Greene

Now this man here, has lost his family, lost a leg, and damn it he hasn't had any sex in years. 

This man is legit. I'm starting to love him... So much. I already like him better then Comic Hershel. (Yes im serious). This season, he has just something to him that is just clicking with me. 

He is becoming a man that wants to keep hope and peace alive in this messed up world. Shedding the kids from seeing him shoot those walkers that were people just a short time ago. People that they knew... Pretty brave. And then when he climbs on that cage and has to get the pump off that walker... It shows he cares for Glenn like his own son. 


I can't deny it, you guys can't deny it... If you can... I don't know whats wrong with you. 

But im loving him more then ever... Even though when the Prison Assault happens, im sure his time will end.

Thanks for reading this straight forward, simple, and to the point blog.