Cheating death
Hey guys, Crossbow here with a new series I'm gonna start doing.

We are going to go through characters who cheated death!

And what characters should have died!

(Some characters will have multiple blogs!)

First character I am gonna do....


I'll just do Season 1 for him.

In the episode Guts he escaped it many times, when I first saw the episode, I was afraid they were gonna kill him off to early!

When they walked outside covered in muck, the rain started to fall...


Every comic fan sat there saying, if they kill Glenn...

When he ran beside Rick, and jumped that fence I sat there saying its gonna break on Glenn its gonna do it!

He then escaped the Vatos Gang, pretty cool storyline though.

Glenn has had some remarkable get aways, this is just one short one.

Comment who you want me to do next! 

Crossbow Out!