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    Hey guys, Crossbow here to bring you another blog. 

    If you read the comics, you know that the Hunters are one of the Antagonist(s). 

    They are a pretty sick bunch if you know about them.

    And if you don't,The Hunters  -- There you go.

    If Gimple is gonna keep his word by following the comics. 

    They shall likely appear in Season 4B, or will they try to hold them off? (Even though I don't think they can.. Seeing how for Season 5 Ep. 1 the group heads to Washington.) Maybe they will bring them in there?

    Anyways we are all pretty sure they will be brought in sometime. 

    My prediction in who is gonna die by them, probably Daryl, or maybe Beth?

    Hope you liked this little blog, leave your thoughts and comments down below.

    -- Crossbow out.. 

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  • Daryls Crossbow

    Hey guys, Crossbow here with another blog.

    This one is gonna be about Maggie Greene and the rumors going on about her. 

    So people are saying they have seen spoilers/rumors about her dying in the second half of Season 4. I haven't seen the rumors but my cousin has, (he is big fan of the show also) and told me about someone dying that hasn't died in the comics.

    Rick,Carl,Maggie... Haven't died in the comics..-- Yet!

    Will Maggie be the one to go.... No.. I don't think so..

    I think the Writers are trying to pull our legs..

    Somebody who hasn't died in the comics...

    Well, Daryl isn't in the comics... Sasha isn't or wasn't.... and Beth wasn't in the comics.  

    So I think it will be one of them three... 

    And I have really grown to like Sasha.. In all honest…

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    Tyreese and Carol

    January 7, 2014 by Daryls Crossbow


    Hey guys, Crossbow here with another blog. 

    So we all know, well... People who don't read the comics or about to... ----Giving you another warning----

    So in the comics.. Tyreese and Carol get into a relastionship.. 

    In the show, its a whole nother ball game. Carol kills Tyreese's "beloved" Karen. (People who liked her--Thats terrible--No offense at all)

    Carol is banished and all this stupid stuff, even though Rick killed Shane and Carl killed Jody-A Woodbury soldier. (I mean.. Really Rick!?)

    So in the Mid-Season Finale, Tyreese is saved by Lizzie and Mika. He is then seen running the way they went, meaning he is going to protect them.

    Carol adopted the two children. What if Tyreese cr…

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  • Daryls Crossbow

    Hey guys, Crossbow here with a new series I'm gonna start doing.

    We are going to go through characters who cheated death!

    And what characters should have died!

    (Some characters will have multiple blogs!)

    First character I am gonna do....


    I'll just do Season 1 for him.

    In the episode Guts he escaped it many times, when I first saw the episode, I was afraid they were gonna kill him off to early!

    When they walked outside covered in muck, the rain started to fall...


    Every comic fan sat there saying, if they kill Glenn...

    When he ran beside Rick, and jumped that fence I sat there saying its gonna break on Glenn its gonna do it!

    He then escaped the Vatos Gang, pretty cool storyline though.

    Glenn has had some remarkable get aways,…

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    Predictions for Carol

    December 17, 2013 by Daryls Crossbow

    So, this is my prediction for Carol. 

    Not gonna be long and take your time,

    So she is probably not gonna return in the early episodes after break. It would take her time to go back to the prison and see its gone.

    She will go back out on the road, which Rick has already found Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. She will finally find them in which Rick tells her that Daryl is dead, OR Daryl went out looking for her.

    It would make sense that if Daryl was dead, he got so upset that she was gone, that she would be upset over his death.

    BUT if he had gone out looking, she will go out looking with some of the group and POSSIBLY find him being eaten alive by The Hunters.

    So, it could go either way, but I don't see Carol and Daryl reuniting ever again...

    Hope yo…

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