So... the season ends off in a way of introducing of what remains of Woodbury's people and in the process, we got to see more character development of Karen, Tyreese, Sasha and DEFINITELY Carl. So since some of the sources online from some of the cast and crew stated that season 4 will be more about character development, we'll hopefully get to know the characters on a more personal level and even get to see new cast members that were apart of Woodbury  and even see Carol, Beth, Michonne... well, pretty much almost everyone show their true colors and feeling as the 4th season progresses. So what are your opinions on how the cast will hopefully be portrayed if the rumors were true for season 4?

Personally, I think that Karen will become a minor cast member, but slowly evolve as a love interest for someone, possibly Rick or become what everyone believes her to be as the TV show version of Lily with her survival instinct and definite care for the people of Woodbury.

Carl, I believe might slowly turn into Shane or at the least show what he was portrayed as over time, maybe falling in love with Beth as time goes on and who knows, he might even kill a person from Woodbury in retaliation as to what Rick did and could possibly be killed off (NOTE: I read the comics and know that he is a major part of the series, but with serious roles with children in a TV series, where they can drastically grow over time and not look like a kid anymore and would have to explain why, they can easily take the LOST approach and have him taken out of the series for that reason or god, forbid replace him with another actor and say that he got hurt in an accident and just looks different)

Rick, with his questionable sanity and the lost of trust between his son, he will probably develop mixed feelings over time and could actually start showing signs of extreme depression and somehow find comfort in someone (AKA, a new love interest or someone else from the cast) that could show more development and further depression if that person were to be killed off.

The Governor... I think he'll stumble across Randall's group or possibly a group of rough individuals (most likely case) with or without Martinez & Shupert and be fueled with revenge and anger as he may or may have not have returned to Woodbury and find no one there. He probably either return again as a main cast member or return for the mid-season finale and aattack the prison.

Michonne, Beth, Carol, Woodbury citizens and whoever else I missed will have more screen time focus more on the relationships with the group (DarylXCarol, BethXCarl, MichonneXTyreese)

This is overall speculation and as much as I want this to happen, this is the Walking Dead and they are going their own way and whatever happens, happens. Just like how tonight's episode ended, you never know what's going to happen.