The sound of a guitar filled the lower forest area as a man made his way up through the brush. He sang to the tune softly, swaying left and right before pausing. The sun breaks through the trees above him and he covers his eyes with one hand, pulling his hat free with the other. Up ahead was a farm, which meant either a fresh run of food, or a very angry group of mountain people who have survived. Or zombies, zombies usually happened to be the group that always waited for him. He shrugged, though, swinging the acoustic guitar over his shoulders and drew his .500 revolver from it's holster, it having a laser sight attached to the bottom. He grasped at the handle and moved quickly and quietly, watching the ground and the buildings, making sure no traps were set or at least none that would hit him as he got up to the fences. He ducked down, noticing a campsite with boxes covering a side, staying down behind them as he waited, listening quietly to the surrounding area as the grip on his hefty revolver tightened, the music in his head stopping to make way for even the slightest twitch of grass and the slow beats of his heart to meet his ears. Halt! Stay where You are! Yelled an unknown VoiceI wont hesitate to shoot you! He heard the voice, but found he wasn't moving as he was hiding behind the boxes. Amazing that a guy could see through solid objects but at the same time with zombies everywhere it was possible he was hinted off by something else. Maybe a glimmer or light of some sort, though it was full day. He just shook his head and slid a bit lower under the boxes so the man couldn't see him, a hand fishing through his jacket and pulling out a M2 grenade, looping his thumb through the pin before sighing, "Alright, I'm not moving from my position if that's what you want, but I will tell you I am armed and quite possibly extremely dangerous. I'd put your guns away and take a few steps back before something happens." He waited quietly, listening to see what the man would do. Tabitha, was sitting in the tent, just keeping her distance, just watching over the unconcious girl, as much as she 'trusted' the surgery and it's conditions she just wanted to make sure the girl didn't end up frothing at the mouth or something "Look, whoever you are", remarked the man in the camp, "try any funny business, or make any noise, and we’re all dead, and we wouldn’t want that to happen now would we?" "You may die, but I've got a bit more than my wits about me. Now, like I said, drop the damn gun. Or did you plan on killing me with your hands?" His thumb was tracing along the inside of the pin, the temptation to just pot shot the gun rising so he could conserve the rest of his gear for when the infected came. Xeneros's muscles, tensed, he wasnt sure if he could make it out of this one, but he had to be strong, Had to be strong for the group, if he showed any weaknesses, it might cause problems, "I can do this" He thought. "Look person, i dont know who you think you are, waltzing up into my camp, threatening to kill us, we have you outnumbered for one, and raiders are the last thing we need right now" He didnt know how much longer he could stall or carry on, he had to think of something, and quick.As he was about to say something, the raider cut him off and said "Let's make things short, yeah?" He looked down at the grenade in hand, then smirked and rested his head against the box, "I have a few grenades here, and some high-powered weaponry that could easily change the odds of you outnumbering me to make things even, if not in my favor." He pushed a bit on the pin and swallowed before speaking again, "Now, you can do as I said, and this is going to be the last time I warn you to, or I can blow you all to hell, then take your gear and your home while you all go to high heaven. What's your choice?" Okay mister, how about this, You come out in the open right now, and drop everything you have on you, or my sniper will blow your head off, and a 10mm slug in your head probably isnt on your list of most wanted things to do before you die, or most wanted ways to die is a better way to put it.In reality, Andrew, the sniper, was off hunting and hadn’t returned yetXeneros wondered what would happen if this situation got out of hand and they ended up dieing, No, he stopped himself from thinking that, he had to focus on survival, and keep a calm and collected head, which, was hard to do considering a psychopathic man with Explosives is at our doorstep threatening to kill them.He carried on to say “You pull that pin, you get lead in your head, even if you do manage to kill us, the zombies will be all over here” The raider simply stated "Sir, you don't even know where my head is behind these boxes. But you did push me a bit to far with that threat." He chuckled a bit, his thumb pulling the pin before hurling it out at the man's position, his revolver raising up over the box and firing off twice in a blind fire, slipping down further before moving to the other side of the boxes to keep on firing if the grenade didn't kill him. Tabitha, having watched the whole scene she'd do the only logical thing, taking cover by a ledge down beneath the stairs Xeneros instinctivly hit the ground in the opposite direction, the grenade destroyed the supply shack, "there goes our supplies" he thought, he instinctvly grabbed for his handgun, pulled it out, cocked it, and thought, "god dammit! wheres a fucking m16 when you need one", he ran to take cover, barely escaping the bursts of ammo, he slammed into his farmhouse door, the doors opening and he landed right on the floor, he turned around and shut the doors so he would have some protection, sweat beading down his neck, he could feel his heartbeat in his head, he couldnt hear anything Stay calm, he thought, reaching for his belt, he saw all he had on him was a grenade, and the clip inside of his beretta and a dull pocketknife The Raider yanked the pin to another grenade as he watched the man run. A .500 round could sever an entire human arm, so he doubted the door would help. He fired at the door before yanking another grenade, hurling it at an open window, and moving down over towards the ledge, hitting the ground next to the girl and aiming at her, speaking rather absent mindedly to her, "You aren't firing. I like you. I suggest you close your eyes tightly because a grenades about to go off." He covered his head as the grenade went off seven feet away from them, the wooden building's floor unable to withstand the blast, the chunk of it crumpling under the grenade's power. "Thanks". She'd mumble clamping her eyes shut and covering her ears saying curled beneath the ledge- Lost, thats the only word that Xeneros could describe how he felt at that moment, he had survive the explosion of the house, but he could barely move, and his Body ached all over, and he was covered in pieces of wood and rubble He managed to crawl out, thankfully unnoticed, and managed to get tabithas attention by lightly whistling , noticing she was unarmed, he threw her his handgun. Tabitha opened her eyes and uncovered her ears a few moments after the blast making sure there wouldn't be any secondary blasts from possible fuel containers on the top level, noticing the gun slid over the ledge and drop down infront of her before hearing the whistle "Fucking hell". she muttered "he saw me take cover, he knows I'm alive." Andrew hadn’t caught anything on his hunting trip “what a waste”, His thoughts then turned to what he was gonna tell the others when he got back.As he was entering the slope leading up to the camp, he saw smoke, then heard a crashing explosion, “shit!” he thought, and as he started running towards the camp, he stopped himself, and thought “I can’t just run in there”He observed his surroundings, saw Tabitha, hiding under the porch ledge, he saw an unknown man heading towards her, with his gun drawn,“shit!”“he took his rifle from his back, acting quickly, he aligned the scope with the mans head, as he fired his gun, a body slammed into him, the bullet missed and ended up hitting his arm, Andrew was wrestleing with the zombie, as it pinned him to the ground, “andrew grabbed his pocketknife and jammed It into the zombies head. Tabitha used this moment of distraction, and emptied the guns clip into the raiders face”Andrew looked at the dead zombie that laid down before him, then looked at his hand, a bloody gash was deep into his hand,He had been bitten….