Hello all, its me Dark here and this is my honest opinion about the character Beth, so please don't be offended by it because I do not intend to offend anyone. I just want to explain why me and a couple of other people hate Beth even more than Daryl as of now. So yeah enjoy.

Okay firstly Beth is no doubt the most hated character on my list. Why you may ask. Well I'm just going to start from the beginning. In Season 2 when first introduced to the farm she was easily the least recognizable, her boyfriend Jimmy had almost as much screen-time as she did in Season 2 and had around the same lines as she did, not a very big role and I even forgot she was in it at some parts of an episode or episodes. The whole cutting herself then was the biggest fucking filler ever. It was just there really, but oh well at least it was mentioned around a year or two later, yaaay. Now back in Season 2 we didn't see much of Kinney's acting so I'm not going to criticize it(yet) but Beth was kinda there and any episode she was in was very forgettable so forgive me if I missed some things about her. She hadn't earned her title of 'Cardboard Box' yet but during that Season she had potential but they didn't do shit with her. Still pretty pissed that she replaced Billy Greene.

Now during Season 3, which I thought she was still just there in at least she played a slightly and I mean slightly bigger role. She took care of Judith. There I said it, that's all she did. She sang but it was mediocre as hell. I mean I'm not the best singer but I can probably sing better than that. During this Season this is when we got a glimpse of Kinney's acting, not exactly the best but it wasn't cringe worthy. Once again during this Season she has done nothing so not much to talk about here.

Now here's Season 4 the current Season. Beth has literally done nothing and its been 2 and a half fuckin' Seasons. She's still taking care of Judith, something she's been doing for the past Season, her singing hasn't gotten any better its still mediocre as hell. Her reaction to Hershel's death was just *sighs* it was bad. Just compare Maggie's reaction and Beth's, it was just so damn odd how Beth reacted, during the assault she pretty much didn't do shit and that wraps up her role for Season 4 part A. Okay in 'Inmates' her monolouge was very forgettable, just her and Daryl's parts were forgettable period. That cry was really really bad, it sounded like she was sadistically laughing at the death of those two children. 'Still' *sighs* I'm not even going to talk about this episode. It was shit in its purest form, Daryl's snap on her along with asshole Daryl I'm going to admit was interesting, but every line Beth had I just cringed. EK's acting was very very cringeworthy and that middle finger was just wow. It was so damn childish. Her cursing was also weird as hell, I also love how she wanted to get a drink which was her development then her and Daryl just burn down a fucking cabin for no apparent reason. Thanks for causing a forest fire assholes.


Overall Beth is literally the most pointless character on the show right now. She is literally just a glorified extra with no development, I personally think its too late for her. She will never amount to ANYTHING nor will Daryl. She should be killed off immediately and honestly I'm not sure why she's still on the show and hasn't done anything in the past two seasons. I really do hope she dies like soon because every time she has a line or is on screen I just say "What is the box going to do now?" Point is I think Beth should go she has no relevance on the show.

What do YOU guys think?

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