Hi there guys Shadow with a blog and I have a huge theory on why i think Kenny died one scene and may have survived the other. I have no idea if someone has made this blog already so sorry if i'm just repeating a blog with the same theory but anyway back on topic. Also i think it makes sense for him to survive one scene and die the other because the dropping Ben choice would actually have a consequence.

Alley Way Scene Theory

Okay i honestly believe he most likely died in this scene due to the fact that walkers were

coming from both side and in a real life situation there is no escape out of that especially when

you have one bullet left and the alley was tight unlike Ty's scene which was more open and also

Tyreese is a skilled fighter and can hold his own in fighting walkers while Kenny on the other hand

is a poor hand-to-hand fighter evidenced by getting beat up by Larry(determinant) , Lee(determinant) , Molly

but he can still hold his own against the walkers but Tyreese has a much better chance and Kenny

was in that tight alley space with barely enough time to shoot ben let alone fight off the walkers.

The walkers were seen to be closing in pretty fast as seen in the picture below they're actually

right next to ben. Also right as you see Kenny fighting off the walkers and here the gunshot for Ben the screen cuts off to Lee and you can hear some slight fighting of the walkers
Kenny Facing his Fate
and in this video skip to  4:30 to hear this fighting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LqJDbf3OXo My personal opinion is that he died this scene but there is a really slim chance that he did and he could possibly be a walker. The picture right below you can see Kenny about to shoot ben and go off screen and in the other picture you can see Christa looking down at the zombies eating something possibly Kenny and Ben? Or the slim possibilty of him getting away while the Walkers are distracted eating Ben while possibly its unlikely.

Kenny and Ben Death

Building Scene theory

Now with this scene i have a very different theory and i personally think that he has a much higher chance of surviving this scene. The herd wasn't as big as the Alley scene and he had alot more space than the Alley scene and it wasn't closed in and not to mention there were windows that didn't seem boarded up. He could've easily have gotten out of there through a door or a window but i doubt it'll be that simple. Also seen in this video skip to 5:30  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TERLOCRsggA you can see 2 walkers going for kenny but one in a red/orange shirt just ignores him this can be seen where you almost fail pulling Christa up which results in a non-canon death possibly someone in that warehouse also or maybe a corpse or a person? But this could also just be a developer oversight and nobody can be in there and the walker was just made to go that direction. Also in this scene Kenny actually puts up more of a fight while in the other scene you only here to hits to the walkers and thats it, it goes quiet and you see Lee close his eyes as if he's mourning. In this scene you hear a bigger struggle and it goes off screen with him and the walkers going silent well as if in the alley scene the walkers are still groaning as if they are eating. I think he may have survived this scene and just opens a door possibly or breaks the window and leaves that building since the herd was alot smaller and he could've fought them off with his fist and do his own Gym scene but in a building. :P


In conclusion do you really think Mustache man could've survived one of these scenes and died the other or could he have died both scenes or live both scenes with my personal opinion i think he is determinant. It was also mentioned in an interview that Kenny's alley scene was supposed to be much more evidenced that he died with gurgling noises and the walker's actually eating sounds so it was obvious that TellTale had plans with him even before episode 5 was released.Btw the interview is here if you're interested http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/The_Walking_Dead_Wiki_Interviews/Gavin_Hammon But i could be totally wrong because this is just a theory i had and was thinking about. Thanks for reading and stopping by.
Kenny Walker

P.S Razorwolfz nice zombie Kenny picture.