Hey Guys Shadow here with a "Vs" blog quotes there because i'm not sure if this should be considered one or not. Anyways i haven't seen a blog like this made yet at least so don't get all mad at me if it has okay? It's between who's a worst parent Lilly or Lori

But moving on to the Blog

Lori the horrid "Mom" 3 Reasons

There are alot of reasons why she is a bad parent but i'm only going to list a couple

1. She tells Carl "Don't look Baby" when something bad is happening but holds him so tight he can't even look away

2. In order to hide her affair from both Rick and Carl she tries to seperate Carl and Shane altogether which makes Shane and his relationship kinda strained when Shane already had people in the group who didn't like him and felt like he had no friends anyways.

3. She gives horrible advice proven in "Killer Within" where she gives Carl this whole speech on how not to let the world control you but he still ends up turning into a psychopath only for RICK to try and turn him back into a normal kid which kinda worked but not completely.

Lilly the god awful "Mother"

  There is literally 1 MAIN reason why she is a terrible/horrendous/awful/horrid mom.

1. She literally has her child like 1 billion miles from her and lets her dig in the dirt like a 2 year old BY the woods and when she screams takes like 5 hours just to get to her instead of a decent mother hell even Lori would've jumped off the RV and risked falling and breaking something in order to go and save Carl. When her daughter died she didn't even care "Live Bait" and "Dead Weight" didn't even explore their relationship that much and i felt no emotional bond between them.


Overall i think Lilly is the worst parent who do you guys think is worse? Lilly or Lori? P.S Thanks to Oscar1444 for helping out with a reason for Lori being an awful parent Reason 2 to be exact, and the poll :P

Who is Worse?

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