Hello all, Dark here to try to convince you all to get rid of the "post-apocalypse" part for occupations. Anyways, here we go with the blog.

Okay, firstly why do we even have it there? It's really pointless. Some are really stupid too. I mean, Magna's for example is terrible, you go on her page, you look at her infobox and you check occupation and you just see "Occupation - Group Leader (post-apocalypse) Imo it just looks unprofessional, we could put that for plenty of characters, since at one point in the comics, TV or video game, someone has led the group.

An example would be Kenny, he once led Lee's group at one point, to find the boat. Shouldn't we list that for him, then? Also another occupation would be "group member" or "survivor" if we have "group leader" or "leader" as an occupation, why not have group member and survivor? Some post-apocalypse occupations are decent, such as Mike's being "Expansion Worker" that makes sense, because he is, but being a "group leader" is not exactly an occupation. Another decent one is Reggie's which a couple of minutes ago was "Green-House Worker" for some odd reason, his is "Expansion Worker" the same as Mike. I'm not sure why Jane's is not "Expansion Worker" because that's what she was, but anywho. Post-Apocalypse occupations like these are actually good. The ones like "Group Leader" are not needed, and just seem pointless and slightly unprofessional, but however that's what I think.

Another problem I have with it, in all is honestly, just it being there. It’s dumb to me because, you don’t really have an occupation after a world has gone to hell, it was fine when it wasn’t there, it took up less infobox space. Overall I just really don’t see the point of it, but however it is not my decision to keep it or remove it, so I’m just gonna let you guys vote below. Thanks for reading! :P

Do you think this should be removed?

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