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Telltale Season 2 trailer soon?

Hey guys Shadow with another blog but this time about TTG Season 2. Okay so basically there has been few information about TTG's season 2 and i just wanted to say, we're in the month of october and season 2 is around the corner it's being released this month along with the wolf among us another TellTale game. Okay i love telltale and this isn't the first time they've done this but are they trying to mess with us by not releasing a trailer the month of release? I mean i'm hungry for so much more walking dead and the best part is that a new comic issue is coming up Season 4 is also 6 days away so i'll have plenty of walking dead to fill up on but i just want to know when do you guys think the episode 6 or season 2 trailer will be released i honestly thing sometime this week possibly early next week. Tell me what you guys think thanks.

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