Howdy all, Dark here with another ranting blog, but instead of occupations it's err, about galleries and what not. Anyway let's get started.

First Problem

Okay, my first problem with galleries are the file names, yeah they're a minor problem, I get it, but we should have at least, some what professional file names not Rickfgjlh.png, that's just plain unprofessional and dumb. I'm just gonna try to keep this little section short, but it just annoys me immensly how you're just scrolling through the gallery and shizz then you see "AXEKSGKJGS : D" But anywho moving on.

Second Problem

Here's where the rant starts to begin, I am sick of pictures like, you barely see their face and they are blocked by someone/something, that's not what a gallery is, I'm pretty sure when you go to the beach to take a picture, you don't turn to the camera facing your back with someone else standing in front of you to take the picture. That makes absolutely no sense, so why are they even in galleries? "o cuz das a picta of dem" Nah m8, I would just like if it's a higher quality panel picture rather than a low quality one where Axel looks like fucking Santa Claus.

My third and probably last problem

Okay, I'm not sure how many of these galleries are around the wiki but it's extremely infuriating when I see a gallery with one picture in it. That's not a fucking gallery, that's a photo! A gallery is a collection of photos that are all placed in one area, not one photo in the gallery with some extra actor/actress we don't even remember, I also think extras and shizz having pages are pointless, but I'll get to that another time. But the point is I'm sick of seeing actor/actress galleries with only one picture in it, that's just stupid

Some extra problem I had writing this blog.

Another problem I have with galleries, are like seventy pictures being taken for that ONE issue. How does that make sense? Personally, I think galleries should be limited to the amount of pictures uploaded to that person's gallery, and when they appeared in that issue.

Anyway, I'm done with this little rant, pls tell me what you think in the comments whether you disagree with me or not is kool, I'd rather just like to hear what other people think on the subject.

P.S when I say galleries should be limited, I don't mean the gallery itself, I mean the amount of pictures put into the section where the issues are, should be..