Spoilers... Okay today's episode was AWESOME! I loved it soooo much. Okay so basically everybody is getting sick including Sasha and Glenn sadly. Just wow this episode was so amazing from the start. It continues where "Infected" leaves off with Karen and David's corpse Ty was about to kick the shat out of Daryl and was depressed and angry the whole episode i couldn't help but feel sorry for him. So Rick and Tyreese have a short fight and he ends up breaking his hand and bruising Ty badly. Well Carol was an idiot this episode i mean seriously what was up with her and luckily Rick saved her and the end of the episode she responds with a simple "yes" and i'm not sure if she's bluffing or if shes telling the truth i was literally had my jaw open with her response. Tyreese was just a badass the whole episode. 7,500 walker scene was kinda eh. They shouldn't have used that many walkers and nobody was going to perish.. and just man i hope Glenn and Sasha are going to be alright and now Hershel is exposed to the flu and has a possibility of dying. Overall i give this episode a 9.5/10 amazing episode can't wait for the next!