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  • DarkShadow667

    Howdy all, Dark here with another ranting blog, but instead of occupations it's err, about galleries and what not. Anyway let's get started.

    Okay, my first problem with galleries are the file names, yeah they're a minor problem, I get it, but we should have at least, some what professional file names not Rickfgjlh.png, that's just plain unprofessional and dumb. I'm just gonna try to keep this little section short, but it just annoys me immensly how you're just scrolling through the gallery and shizz then you see "AXEKSGKJGS : D" But anywho moving on.

    Here's where the rant starts to begin, I am sick of pictures like, you barely see their face and they are blocked by someone/something, that's not what a gallery is, I'm pretty sure when you go …

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  • DarkShadow667

    Hello all, Dark here to try to convince you all to get rid of the "post-apocalypse" part for occupations. Anyways, here we go with the blog.

    Okay, firstly why do we even have it there? It's really pointless. Some are really stupid too. I mean, Magna's for example is terrible, you go on her page, you look at her infobox and you check occupation and you just see "Occupation - Group Leader (post-apocalypse) Imo it just looks unprofessional, we could put that for plenty of characters, since at one point in the comics, TV or video game, someone has led the group.

    An example would be Kenny, he once led Lee's group at one point, to find the boat. Shouldn't we list that for him, then? Also another occupation would be "group member" or "survivor" if we…

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  • DarkShadow667

    Hello all, its me Dark here and this is my honest opinion about the character Beth, so please don't be offended by it because I do not intend to offend anyone. I just want to explain why me and a couple of other people hate Beth even more than Daryl as of now. So yeah enjoy.

    Okay firstly Beth is no doubt the most hated character on my list. Why you may ask. Well I'm just going to start from the beginning. In Season 2 when first introduced to the farm she was easily the least recognizable, her boyfriend Jimmy had almost as much screen-time as she did in Season 2 and had around the same lines as she did, not a very big role and I even forgot she was in it at some parts of an episode or episodes. The whole cutting herself then was the biggest …

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  • DarkShadow667

    Hello guys Dark here with another blog. I haven't done a blog in a few but this is something that needs to be confirmed until further notice. Now if you hadn't noticed yet the 400 Days protagonists and their sibling(s) statuses are put as 'Alive' why is that? I mean personally i support the Unknown status rather than the 'Alive' status but correct me if I'm wrong but we're far past 400 days  we're about 2 years into the Apocalypse so its been about a year since the events of 400 days occured and we have no idea what the protagonist, Tavia and her community whereabouts are yet they're still counted for as 'Alive' on further notice a couple of hours ago http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Radio_Survivor this guy was listed as 'Unknown' but was…

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  • DarkShadow667

    Hey Guys Shadow here with a "Vs" blog quotes there because i'm not sure if this should be considered one or not. Anyways i haven't seen a blog like this made yet at least so don't get all mad at me if it has okay? It's between who's a worst parent Lilly or Lori

    But moving on to the Blog

    There are alot of reasons why she is a bad parent but i'm only going to list a couple


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