Hello, The Walking Dead Wikia people, basically there's this blog that states that TWD S2 is coming out when The Wolf Among Us comes out which is late October I think, and for those that don't know, The Wolf Among Us is basically TWD Game without zombags. Here's the link:http://www.gameranx.com/features/id/17829/article/the-wolf-among-us-interview-they-will-remember-that/. Credit to: The Turning Dead for spotting this and no credit to him for blocking me from his videos! C'mon TTD what did I do? You won't reply to my 15+ messages or anything, I need a reason!? Anyway thats just to see if he see's this, but yeah TWD S2 should be out late October, thats pretty early, I mean there's like no trailer or teaser or anything! If there's a special edition, I'm geting it, what about you?