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Season 2 of Video Game Late October

Hello, The Walking Dead Wikia people, basically there's this blog that states that TWD S2 is coming out when The Wolf Among Us comes out which is late October I think, and for those that don't know, The Wolf Among Us is basically TWD Game without zombags. Here's the link:http://www.gameranx.com/features/id/17829/article/the-wolf-among-us-interview-they-will-remember-that/. Credit to: The Turning Dead for spotting this and no credit to him for blocking me from his videos! C'mon TTD what did I do? You won't reply to my 15+ messages or anything, I need a reason!? Anyway thats just to see if he see's this, but yeah TWD S2 should be out late October, thats pretty early, I mean there's like no trailer or teaser or anything! If there's a special edition, I'm geting it, what about you?