Hello everybody, my name's Daniel123Shaw123. This is my first review of something related to The Walking Dead, what I'm reviewing as said in the title is The Walking Dead (video game). If any grammar or spelling mistakes are made I'll make sure to correct them/it.

Review 1#.

0/10 - Disaster. 1/10 - Horrendous. 2/10 - Terrible. 3/10 - Bad .4/10 - Tolerable. 5/10 - Okay. 6/10 - Great. 7/10 - Epic. 8/10 - Fascinating. 9/10 - Masterpiece 10/10 - Out of This World.

Episode One: A New Day

Episode one starts off with a African-American named Lee Everett in a police vehicle, as this game is about what you choose, the player can choose what they want to be like (either a asshole, nice person or even someone who just doesn't care about what happens to other people). Episode one is mostly just about geting the hang of things and telling the player that choices matter. For thrill seekers no, this has hardly any action other than swinging hammers into walker heads. It actually has a stealth chapter where you take out walkers very silently. Other than that it is 2.1/10 for action. Story has alot through out this entire review, this episode probably has the most story in it, but definitely isn't the most interesting for story. The other episodes are actually still fun after two times of playing it. It isn't exactly dull after two but doesn't exactly make you have a smile, especially for the chapters in which you arrive at Macon. 

Rating: 8.9/10 = fascinating.

Episode 2: Starved for Help

Episode two starts with a very hungry Lee and Mark three months after episode one. Mark is a new member who joined somewhere before the three months but after roughly day 5 of the outbreak. He worked at the nearby United States Airforce base before the walkers attacked. This episode is mainly picking your side, with either Lilly from Macon county, Georgia, or Kenny from Broward county, Florida. This episode shows a tense story of how the group is struggling. It has many more 'choices THAT matter' this episode compared to episode one, most of them having to do with Kenny,Katjaa and Duck against Lilly and her dad, Larry. This has much more action in compared to episode one, giving it a 3.9/10 for action. 

Rating: 9.5/10 = masterpiece

Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

Episode 3 starts roughly three or four weeks after episode 2 and is probably the 2nd most action packed episode of them all or even the saddest other than episode 5. It has the best opening out of all episodes in my opinion and is probably my favourite. This episode pumps roughly 5.8/10 for action and the story is incredible also, the middle part of this episode is purely for what you did for choices in the start of this episode and also from the very beginning of the game. In one chapter of this episode in can be a bit repetitive going back and forwards but in your first walkthrough it shouldn't be too frustrating.

Rating: 10/10 = Out of this world.

Episode 4: Around Every Corner

Episode 4 starts where Episode 3 ended, the group has just arrived at Savannah and they are looking for a boat, although is looking for a boat in a zombie outbreak really gonna be that easy, the group finds that the city has been looted by a girl named Molly and other ruthless survivors. This episode shows just abit more action than episode 3, roughly 6.0/10. Mainly the end of the episode shows it. The story and character development in this episode is fairly good and is pretty interesting. The middle part of the episode also has alot of walking back and forwards just like some of episode 3 but as said in episode 3, it shouldn't be too bad. 

Rating: 9.1/10 = Masterpiece.

Episode 5: No Time Left

As with episode 4 this episode starts immediately after the previous episode. A bitten Lee Everett struggles to find Clementine either by himself or with other desperate survivors trying to survive. The choices you make effect who comes with you! This episode shows 5.2/10 for action and the story is just amazing, the ending is amazing, this whole game is, definitley the best The Walking Dead game out so far, definitley the best STORY game so far in my opinion, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls all come close but this.. this is just so much more, the options to choose how you play is 3x better than games like Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain will only have huge choices and not little side choices that either do nothing or some little minor stuff. I reccomend you buy this game if the full price when it first came out was £40/$63.90! (Which it wasn't, but just saying I would buy it for that price).

Rating: 9.8/10 = Out of this world.

The Walking Dead (video game) Rating

All together this game deserves: 10/10 = Out of this world.

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