• Dani11599

    Ok so here the list of characters i think we wont be seeing for part b of the season





    5.Phillip(The Govenor)

    6.Tyreese or Sasha



    Everyone from the rest of The goveneors new army

    As much as i dont want Daryl to die i think his time will come:(Leave comments to tell me who you think will die)

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  • Dani11599

    Martinez and Shumpert

    November 17, 2013 by Dani11599

    So this blog is going to be about the govener and his two men.  In the end of episode 5 "Internment" it shows the govener stalking the prison.  Just him and no one else. Knowing the govener do you think he killed ceaser martinez and shumpert?

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