Now... I'll start off with my opinion, and feel free to disagree or agree, it's all good =) NOW; Shane has done so much to help the group, we see this in season one. Him making the decision to kill Otis wasn't the worst decision, we can't judge it from the perspective that we are in, in nice safe homes lol imagine being in that position, you're there to save the boy that's the mission, there are NO RULES. It wasn't p

Bromance ;)

ersonal, but Otis had to go or Shane, in order to slow down the walkers/lame-brains so even if it weren't Otis but Shane that died, one of them had to. Now the Bit where Shane tried to molest/rape Lori.. WELL he had a lotta alcohol, and we all know that makes your inhabitions increase.. Not an excuse but he could have done the same thing at any other point when Rick might not have been there... He has clearly been through a lot and had to make tough decisions for the better of the group, it seems to me Rick has good intentions but even as a fan of the comics, I've seen how Rick hasn't made the best decisions, leading to Lori and the baby dying, and Carl getting shot several times(THIS IS IN THE COMIC, WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN IN THE TV SERIES SO DON'T CALIM SPOILERS hehe) Anyyyy whooooooo, I think if Shane goes we will see that having him there was important,. and he didn't lie aout Rick seeming dead he checked for a beat and couldn't hear any and he took care of the group AND of Ricks family, he's a bit messed up now and feels abandond(spellling?) and feels as though he hasn't got an identity now that Rick comes and acts like a leader..taking shanes place.. hehehe I'm such a loser.. Buuut people's thoughts? =)