I have not made a post in a while..So here goes. KIRKMAN YOU CRAZY SON OF A ...yeah..now that's out. For those of you who have read issue 100 of 'The Walking Dead' should be as upset/shocked/peed off as I am. Glenn was one of my most favourite charactes both in the comic and in the TV series. As a person who has read many comic books and is a huge fan of a different range of comis I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND why Kirkman would kill such an important asset to the Grimes group. Now here's the thing, I would be content with Glenn dying IF Maggie, Sophia, Rosita, Eugene, and all those little petty characters were dead already. If they were all dead then I'd be like ok.. realism, shocking, nice twist etc etc, Hell I'd even be okay with Rick dying, only because he makes bullshit decision and gets everyone into more shit. For Glenn to die but Maggie and a lot of other characters, (even spencer?!) to be alive is beyond me. I really hope that Kirkman surprises us all and does something extraordinary because I have already lost hope for season 3 (in the TV series) and I lost hope about 8 issues ago with the comic.. I'm hanging by a thread of patience and hope. I think I'll give it till the 'something to fear' arc is over then we'll see.. 2 more comics till this arcs over so like I said I'm hoping for a miracle! What did you guys think of issue 100? Also, don't bitch to me about spoiling it because I've warned you from the title! Peace =) Also, here is a little, quick video I made as my reation after I found out that Glenn died .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNbrvnoFhrc&feature=plcp
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