Hey, I am on holiday at the moment..hurt foot.back pains you name it! So not a great holiday! LOL anyway so that is my excuse for creating yet another blog!

So I was sitting here and wondering.. IF I found a "safe heavan" like Rick has done several times (yes I know things haven't worked out for him in them heavans) I would grab a zombie.. like maybe a child, or a thin one that is not too hard to "take out" and I would experiment, I would tie it up, see how long it lasts without food, see if it get's used to humans being around it, and stops attacking because it relizes it can't. I would think of things, maybe treat it like a pet? Or like in resident evil, see if it has a memory, give it items like pens, cups, glasses, mobile phones, just to see if it can remember, or use them infront of it and try teach it. I mean back in caveman days you had wild animals in stead of "walkers" that you had to be afraid of and take caution against..No difference, apart from they are crazed relentless humans..Animals can be just as bad and there are more of them than us right? I would really like to see this in the comic, yes we saw this with Dr Stevens assistant breifly, however, I want to see more? What do people thin