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  • DanaSa101

    Season 3: Say the Word

    February 3, 2013 by DanaSa101

    Hello... haven't been here in ages and a lot of you are so HOSTILE!! Sheesh ya'll need to relax..I thought London was bad.. anyway.

    So a few days ago I was watching the walking dead again cause I was bored.. I could be wrong I probably should go back and watch the episode but help me out here..

    In the episode titled: Say the word.. Michonne goes snooping around the governors room and as she hides because she hears him coming with Milton and Merle.. she sees a sheriffs bag..At least I thought that was Ricks gun bag..NOW..In season two .. initially they wanted it to start with Ricks group going back to Atlanta to that latino nursing home..the vatos? Only to find them murdered...Could The governor have done that and could that be Ricks bag? Wil…

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  • DanaSa101

    Season 3 anticipation!

    September 22, 2012 by DanaSa101

    Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well =]

    I tried to create one of these yesterday, not sure if it posted my internet was acting up...If it did then oopsie let me know!

    So.. season 3 is coming up, what are you guys most looking forward to? To me it's got to be seeing Penny,I hope we get to see those moments where the governor talks to her, also I would love to see some flash backs of his memory and what happened to him!' (eventhough Kirkman isn't too fond of flashbacks), we saw Shane & Lori so it's only fair!) Also, I believe it is Merle who finds Andrea and Michonne, and he says to Andrea 'How about a hug for your old pal Merle lol

    Comment & let me know what you guys want to see!

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  • DanaSa101


    July 28, 2012 by DanaSa101

    Hey, I am on holiday at the moment..hurt foot.back pains you name it! So not a great holiday! LOL anyway so that is my excuse for creating yet another blog!

    So I was sitting here and wondering.. IF I found a "safe heavan" like Rick has done several times (yes I know things haven't worked out for him in them heavans) I would grab a zombie.. like maybe a child, or a thin one that is not too hard to "take out" and I would experiment, I would tie it up, see how long it lasts without food, see if it get's used to humans being around it, and stops attacking because it relizes it can't. I would think of things, maybe treat it like a pet? Or like in resident evil, see if it has a memory, give it items like pens, cups, glasses, mobile phones, just t…

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  • DanaSa101

    I have not made a post in a while..So here goes. KIRKMAN YOU CRAZY SON OF A ...yeah..now that's out. For those of you who have read issue 100 of 'The Walking Dead' should be as upset/shocked/peed off as I am. Glenn was one of my most favourite charactes both in the comic and in the TV series. As a person who has read many comic books and is a huge fan of a different range of comis I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND why Kirkman would kill such an important asset to the Grimes group. Now here's the thing, I would be content with Glenn dying IF Maggie, Sophia, Rosita, Eugene, and all those little petty characters were dead already. If they were all dead then I'd be like ok.. realism, shocking, nice twist etc etc, Hell I'd even be okay with Rick dying, onl…

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  • DanaSa101

    How can Randall know where he is and who with when they made sure for him not to know? I'm very very confused about this? Have I missed something?!

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