It's been confirmed that a few members will die in the final .......... this is one of the comments from the link

• Robert Kirkman tells TV Guide to expect "big, crazy action and awesome zombie stuff" in the Season 2 Finale, and he shares with Entertainment Weekly that the finale will "see a few characters die, a few characters radically change, and see a huge transition for the whole show." (No Links.)

I believe that Patricia, Theodore and Jimmy will die and maybe Hershal, or Beth will die as well but the group also split up in the Chaos, i reckon the deaths the groups are going to be something like this

Patrica ungunned and defence less leaves the main group of guns and is eaten, then Theodore is bitten and stays behind and kills as many then dies defending the group amd after all this Jimmy saving Beth while this goes on

Lori runs with Carl but he spilts form Lori and he goes back to Rick leaving Rick and Carl as a group. Lori later meets up with Shane then they run into Daryl and Carol.

Andrea, Hershal and Beth meet up with Maggie and Glenn

and during the last moments of the season Rick and Carl run into Michonne with her pet walkers.

What are your thoughts :)