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Who i wont to join Rick's Group and Storyline up to Woodbury Assault Prediction

DCGHJLT November 8, 2012 User blog:DCGHJLT

ok so with the deaths of T-Dog and Lori the group to me just seemed to dwindle quickly. Not many Atlanta survivors left huh ;)

Ok so currently the group consists of

Rick - Carl - Daryl - Glenn - Hershal - Axel - Oscar

New Born Baby - Carol - Maggie - Beth

and it wont be long before Andrea and Michonne join as well

So the people introduced in the tv show i wont to join the survivors include Rowan - Dr Stevens - Caesar - Crowly and Merle. And Tyreese will be introduced (i believe) Bringing the total number of survivors back up to a total of 19 The Governor attacks the prison and Judith - Axel - Rowan will die before prison assualt

i believe The New Born Baby will die in episode 8 anyway (it's confirmed someone will die)

Ok so we know have 15 survivors who are now up for casulties for the prison assult not including Ceasar + Rowan + Baby + Axel anymore who die leading up to assult

Deaths in Woodbury assult which will be.....

- A lot of Woodbury fighters

- The Governor 

- Hershal

- Beth

- Oscar


-Dr Stevens

Also i think they are travelling full steam ahead and will run out prison storyline halfway between season 4 like the half way mark in season 4 is the Woodbury final attack and the other half of season 4 are the surviors running into cannibals and finding their new home after the prison then we move onto Season 5 :)

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