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Who do you think will leave past season 3 & 4 (or die Inbetween)

DCGHJLT May 26, 2012 User blog:DCGHJLT

Ok so i thought i would be great and fun way to pass time waiting for season 3 and to see what people's thoughts are about my above topic.

Ok so the people included are.

Rick, Lori, Carl, Judith (if it's still her name) Glenn, Andrea, Carol, Daryl, Theodore, Merle, Hershal, Maggie, Beth, Michonne and The Governer.

ok the catagories

Live into Season 5 (if they have one)

Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Andrea and Michonne: Main characters and 99.99% sure they will live on.

Lori: I believe she will ahve a bigger storyline that will keep her alive after the prison

Carol: She's a stronger woman then her comic counter part, relationship with Daryl and i think she will die in woodbury

Die in Season 3

Hershal: They wonted to kil him twice in the last two episodes of season 2, episode 2x12 and 2x13. His character is on the chopping block

Beth: Die in the prison somehow

Die in Season 4

Judith: I believe she will die due during birth or after, (you can't survive with a crying baby)

The Governer: I think he would be introduced in season 3 and die in the prison assult at the end of season 4

Merle: I think Daryl would have to kill him as he becomes a threat

Theodore: during a walker attack, amputation or woodbury attack


Just leave your comments below, if you agree or disagree and what you believe will happen

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