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Things I Want in Season 4

Season 4 is about to begin filming and i got me thinking of what i'd like to see in Season 4.

  • A lot of charcater development for EVERYONE (Carol, Beth)
  • Weaker members of the group Carol and Beth leave the prison on ocassion to go on scouting runs. Is it just me or does anyone else wont to see Carol and Michonne, Beth and Michonne, Beth and Carol or all three tag team out on the road for supplies?
  • Unlikely characters to interact or haven't seen interact much or if any before: I'm talking about Glenn-Beth, Karen-Hershel, Sasha-Carl, Michonne-Carol ect.
  • Friend relationships formed like the comics or new ones: Rick and Tyreese or Sasha and Maggie.
  • Lovers: Tyreese and Michonne
  • Enemies (One sided) I'm hoping Noah returns and Carl dislikes him. Leaves him to die if something goes wrong. 
  • Noah: I want to see Noah alive in season 4. I didn't see him amongst the soliders so he should still be alive.
  • The Governor to rebulid, join a group of ruthless men and eventually take control of the group to end the Prison battle once and for all.
  • New Areas of the prison shown: A Gym, The Medical Center in the prison where Dr Stevens and Hershel can call home haha. (If Dr Stevens is there like she should be) 
  • Rebuilt Prison: A new gate just like Woodburies covering the entrance, mowed lawnes full of food and crops, cleaner prsion which looks more like a community.
  • Death: Some older member could die and bite someone.
  • Walker Attack: When Rick and stuff are on a run the prsion could become overrun where they could loose 10 - 15 people out of the 40 or so living there. Rick and that return to the devastation. (Like the walker attack where Otis died)
  • Martinez to join team Prison: Also killing The Governor.
  • Andrea and Michonne Falshbackes + Rick's Group Flashbackes
  • Rick and Karen form a friendship which can turn into a realtonship in a few seasons to come.
  • Deaths: No more than 1 Death of the Survivors who we met before Woodbury + Sasha, Tyreese and Karen. At least 3 main to recurring deaths during the final Prison Attack and all the remaining background survivors.